US Media Promote Communist Propaganda About CCP-Virus

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The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) promoted Critical Race Theory (CRT) in the US which tore the fabric of society apart. The CCP developed and spread the CCP-virus (Covid-19) to the West in order to dominate the US economically and militarily, and then blamed the backlash on racism in the West. The West locked down the economy due to CCP-virus. Democrat operatives coached by the CCP changed voting procedures during the 2020 election to favor mail-in ballots and lax voter ID checks.

As a result of this plan, the Democrats, coached by the CCP, were able to subvert the US electoral system and install unelected President Biden. Sounds like a fantasy to some, but the fantasy became reality and it highlights the insidious infiltration of the CCP into every aspect of US society – from media to politics, Hollywood to Social media, Big Tech to Big Corp, Universities to Associations.


66% percent of Americans have an unfavorable view of the CCP according to an April 2020 Pew poll. Official Chinese Media pronouncements are not trusted as anything more than propaganda. It is ‘fortunate’ then that the CCP can instead rely on American News outlets to promote them. American media is largely bought, influenced or controlled by the CCP. When the CCP spread the CCP-virus this weapon was extensively used.

In a previous article entitled “How the CCP controls US mainstream Media” (GNews November1, 2020) we established how the CCP controls the US media giants. They have accomplished this through investment, bribery, threats and promises of market access.


The multi-decade plan of the CPP for global domination has been predicated on using the Institutions of the West and their lofty principles against them. This was accomplished by infecting their Institutions and hiding their true pernicious strategies and objectives behind propaganda such as Xi’s exhortation to China Central Television in 2016: “telling stories about China well and spreading China’s voice well; enabling the world to see a multidimensional and colorful China; present China as a builder of world peace, a contributor to global development, and an upholder of international order [4].

The reality of the CCP’s intentions could not be further from this grandiose statement, and the world is beginning to tap into this reality.


The CCP-virus is now estimated to have infected 95 million people worldwide, to have killed over 2 million and to have cost $28 trillion [1] in lost output. To put that into perspective, the pre-CCP-virus US economy had a GDP (total economic output) of approximately $22trillion. So, the CCP-virus has, so far, wiped the equivalent of 16 months of US output from the World economy. With more strains appearing weekly and higher virulence, these estimates will very likely rise dramatically. With the damage from the CCP-virus escalating, the demand for answers about the genesis of this virus w8ll inevitably escalate and harden as well.

The CCP-virus first broke out in Wuhan sometime in the 4th quarter of 2019 – perhaps as early as October 2019. Whether accidentally or purposely spread the CCP immediately went into propaganda damage control mode. As with previous criminal or embarrassing episodes by the CCP, the primary objective became saving the regime’s face. “Telling China’s story well” became a matter of life-or-death for the CCP. Instead of acting like a responsible global citizen and warning the rest of the World, the aim immediately was to deflect blame, to portray China as heroically battling the pandemic, and to control the narrative about the virus.


Chairman Mao Zedong coined a phrase “Making the foreign serve China [5]”. In her book by the same title, Anne-Marie Brady follows the development of the

Chinese Communist Party’s “foreign affairs” system since 1921, focusing on ‘Waishi’ – the external policies intended to influence and control both foreigners themselves as well as Chinese citizens’ contact with and perception of outsiders. The term also comprises China’s external relations–both official state-to-state and so-called unofficial or “people-to-people” diplomacy. In effect, ‘Waishi’ activities encompass all matters related to foreigners and foreign things, not merely diplomacy. By managing the foreign presence in China and China’s contacts with the outside world and by controlling the Chinese population, ‘Waishi’ has proven to be one of the most effective tools in the CCP’s repertoire for building and then sustaining its hold on power.

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As mentioned, the western audience can no longer be relied on to consume the propaganda of CCP-controlled news organizations with anything more than derision. Therefore, the CCP laid the foundation for controlling not only their own media, but those of the West as well.

Using the control, they wield over Western media and Social media, the CCP changed the public discourse by blaming someone else and changing the topic. Initially the misinformation campaign moved public discourse from CCP China’s role in the spread of the CPP-virus towards the theme that criticism of China’s role in, or as a source of, the pandemic was simply fueling racism against Asians.


Global Times – a CCP propaganda rag – opened the deflection campaign on January 31, 2020. In an article entitled “Racism Shows Ugly Side as China Fights Coronavirus” attention was diverted away from the fact that the CCP had locked down Hubei Province, Wuhan while allowing International flights out of Wuhan to continue. The article accused the West of spreading the “yellow peril mythology”, and painted the CCP as heroically battling the virus. Tellingly this was two months before President Trump even called the disease the “China virus” – the CCP propaganda machine was anticipating a problem before it was a reality. On February 2nd, 2020 Global Times’ headline was “Virus Unleashes Racism in Western Societies”. Not to be outdone, Xinhua News Agency countered with “Racism Worse Enemy That Epidemic” on February 7th, “Racism a Disease More Difficult to Eradicate” on February 11th, and “Western Media Should Quit Racist Reporting as China Fights Epidemic” the following day.

The CCP knew exactly what it was doing in appealing to racism in the US. The insidious ideology of “Critical Race Theory (CRT)” has been promoted in the US by the CCP for decades and is being used to foment estrangement rather than friendship, hostility rather than goodwill. Indeed, the tactics used by proponents of CRT share many parallels with old tactics used by Leninism and the Bolsheviks. Global Times and Xinhua knew full well that the mention of racism would spark a wildfire in the US.  Secondly, as mentioned above, the media giants in the US are all beholden to the CCP either by virtue of direct or indirect investments, lucrative business dealings, bribes or promises of market access. They were guaranteed to follow the lead of the CCP propaganda arms in China with similar headlines of their own.


US television networks distributed China’s propaganda message about Westerners fueling racism so well that Global Times put together a video highlighting just how well they had done. [2]

The majority of Americans have a healthy disdain for CCP propaganda. As a result, American media and Big Tech have had to run interference for the CCP in hiding the truth about the CCP-virus. How much more death and economic destruction will it take for the veil to be ripped off the truth that the CCP is fully responsible for the 2 million deaths and $28trillion in erased wealth? How much longer will Big Media and Big Tech be able to lead the US public around by the nose, and how much longer will the CCP be able to lead the World around by the nose?

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