Shi Jia Zhuang Asked the Whole Village To Move Into Quarantine, and Constructed Centralized Isolation Points—Why?

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1.On the 13th, a reporter from Xinhua News Agency learned from the Hutuo River Ecological Restoration Phase-3 Project Department of the China Railway 14th Bureau Group that the project department received a notice on the same day to participate in the construction of the Shijiazhuang centralized isolation point. The construction site is located in Guying Town, Zhufu District, Wenzheng Street, Zhengding County. Yingcun, covering an area of about 500 mu.(82.3 acres).

2.The project department received a notice from their superior at 11 o’clock on the 13th to participate in the construction of the foundations at the centralized isolation point in Shijiazhuang City. After the completion of the foundations 3000 units of integrated house will be quickly assembled in place on the hardened site. According to the general manager of Chengdong Integrated Housing Hebei Co., Ltd., the company is now working around the clock to produce, and the production line runs 24 hours a day. The daily production capacity of the workshop is usually 70 or 80 houses. However, now it has spiked to a production capacity of more than 100 sets houses per day, and the distribution is keeping up with the production.

3.In the early morning of the 11th, before dawn, the villagers in Zengcun Town, Zengcun Town, Gaocheng District, Shijiazhuang City, were awakened by the “big horns” in the village. “All the villagers packed their luggage, registered at the entrance of the village, and followed the government arrangements for transport. The authorities then conducted centralized isolation and observation in a remote place.”


1.On January 11, villagers from 12 villages in Zengcun Town, Gaocheng District, Shijiazhuang, were moved to another place for isolation. Except for a few farmers and the elderly who were unable to move, all villagers were isolated, with more than 20,000 people. Even if there is an epidemic, the village should be locked down and isolated on the spot while ensuring the supply of materials. Only the Chinese Communist regime can make such villagers transfer that is labor-intense and monetarily costly. The CCP began to build quarantine points on a large scale meaning that the number of people who need to be quarantined in a short period of time has increased sharply, and so more large-scale transfer and quarantine will happen again in the future.

2.On a basis of 5,000 yuan per person per 14 days in quarantine, just 12 villages in Zengcun town can bring in more than 100 million yuan in revenue. According to Premier Li Keqiang, over 600 million people earn less than 1,000 yuan a month. Can they afford such high quarantine costs? Having no regard for the people’s livelihood, the CCP has been constructing “concentration camps” and developing the “pandemic economy” vigorously, just to make their peoples lives difficult and empty their pockets.

3.Under wartime conditions, the Epidemic Prevention and Control team has greater power than the Central Cultural Revolution team back then. In the name of epidemic prevention and control, people can be arrested “legally” for isolation, and they can even be disappeared with a thermometer and health code(wechat QR code indicating whether you’re virus free). Whatever the reason, the common people are the “price” being sacrificed. We can only hope that the CCP will disintegrate as soon as possible so that the Chinese people will suffer less.

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3 months ago

So CCP can wipe out any money they had, 70 percent are take their land. They will not come back…tragic. If any return..their homes will be bulldozed and gone.