The Timeline of Twitter and YouTube Silencing President Trump


Twitter blocked Mr.Miles Guo’s account in August 2018. Its wrongdoings have angered people and even God. Today, after Twitter again blocked U.S President Trump’s account, the world exclaimed in shock that the U.S had entered a dark era of a digital dictatorship. Today, let us go through the entire timeline of how Twitter and Youtube silenced President Trump.

Twitter’s Timeline of Increasing Restriction on President Trump:

In May 2020, Twitter labeled President Trump’s tweet with a fact-checking warning for the first time. President Trump subsequently signed for the executive order to instruct the federal government to review the scope of Section 230.

In June 2020, Twitter labeled a video tweet from President Trump as manipulated media and argued that the act was to curb misinformation.

In July 2020, Twitter labeled President Trump’s tweet condemning how the BLM movement took advantage of George Floyd’s death as “glorifying violence.”

In September 2020, Twitter censored Trump’s warning tweet about election fraud, and declared that it is decreasing the exposure rate of President Trump’s tweets, its reason being that “election law is complicated and different in every state.” Facebook also blocked President Trump’s video of encouraging in-person voting at the voting station.

In October 2020, President Trump’s tweets were hidden by Twitter and covered by the warning of “glorifying violence”; the tweets can only be viewed upon clicking. Meanwhile, Ali Khamenei’s tweet encouraging violence was not censored at all. An article on the Federalist stated that President Trump’s tweets were censored 65 times in the past two years. At the same time, Facebook and Twitter started censoring all information regarding Hunter Biden fervently.

In November 2020, the ‘Stop the count’ tweets that President Trump posted were labeled as “disputed.” President Trump’s tweets were hidden under warnings that “some or all of the content shared in this Tweet is disputed and might be misleading about an election or other civic processes.” Twitter also restricted a large number of accounts from retweeting similar information. Furthermore, Twitter claimed that it would block Trump’s account after he departs from office.

In December 2020, Twitter began to ban functions like a retweet, like, or comment to restrict President Trump’s posts. It also declares to clear out all accounts following President Trump after he leaves office.

In January 2021, Twitter permanently banned President Trump from Twitter.

Youtube’s Restriction on President Trump

Compared to Twitter, Youtube’s way of silencing Trump is more subtle.

In April 2020, Youtube removed around 300 advertisements for the 2020 campaign team of President Trump without giving any valid reason.

In May 2020, Youtube banned all information with regard to hydroxychloroquine.

During the U.S election and until now, recommended news on Youtube consistently revolve around pro-Democratic or pro-Biden information.

In January 2021, Youtube removed President Trump’s latest videos, banned uploads of new videos, and turned off comments under all videos.

When Trump supporters turned to Parler, Amazon, the e-commerce company deemed as the solid infrastructure of the Internet, refused to provide service to Parler. Furthermore, there were “security researchers” who “leaked” 6GB of user data.

The left-wing’s attitude towards the bans was once that “private companies are not protected by the first amendment. If you disagree, you could build a platform for yourself.” Yet Parler being rejected service by Amazon instigated massive debates within the left-wings too. Technology companies’ blatant censorship and controlling behavior have endangered everyone.

Today the high-tech companies in America still are full of high-sounding words, claiming that they fight for freedom and democracy. However, in truth, they have fallen to become the assassins of freedom of speech, political parties’ tools, and the platforms controlled by evil and dark forces. If they can be so cruel towards the president, what about everyone else? Companies like this don’t deserve to hide behind Section 230. They don’t deserve to play in the global market! The stock prices of a few high-tech companies have already plummeted, reflecting the will of the public and the despise towards the evilness of these companies!

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Edited by:【Himalaya London Club UK】

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