01/17/2021 President Trump Daily Express (1)

Editor: Dr. Ming

1. Election, Rally and Inauguration

1.1 TheLeoTerrell tweets: Good Morning President Trump. 75 million voters and I will continue to support you beyond January 20, 2021.

1.2 GOP Leaders in D.C. Don’t Represent 74 Million Trump Voters by Wayne Allyn Root

1.3 Matt Couch tweets: The huge “Trump supporter” from Grapevine, Texas arrested for events that happened at the Capitol last week… so so interesting that his voting record shows him to have voted in the Democrat Primary in 2020. Not a Trump supporter after all…. well color me shocked..

1.4 Jack Psobiec tweets: According to the Ratcliffe letter, the CIA didn’t just downplay the Chine election interference intel, they actively went to other agencies to suppress it

1.5 NEW – @SecretService has published the latest security information regarding #Inauguration2021, including road closures and prohibited items: Don’t bring balloons or selfie sticks!

1.6 FBI probing if foreign governments, groups funded extremists who helped execute Capitol attack

1.7 Democratic Operative In Veritas Videos About Voter Fraud, Inciting Violence Visited The White House 342 Times | Weasel Zippers

1.8 BREAKING: Barack Obama Directly Linked to Democrat Violence at Trump Rallies

1.9 Hunter Biden, Burisma, and Corruption: The Impact on U.S. Government Policy and  Related Concerns

1.10 Statement from Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene

2.  Censorship and Suppression

2.1 NewsMax EXCLUSIVE: Giuliani sounds off on McConnell, the Bidens & anti-Trump media

2.2 Kassam Suspended From Twitter For Applying ‘Democracy Dies In Darkness’ To Leftist Election Fraud

2.3 Project Veritas Exposes Twitter’s Plan For Political Censorship

2.4 Natalie Winters tweets: The Media’s Incitement Campaign Against Congress Is What Really Radicalized Americans

2.5 Natalie Winters tweets: Chinese Communist Party News Outlets Are Fawning Over The ‘NeverTrump’ Lincoln Project

2.6 David Mack tweets: Twitter just released info on how they’re going to archive the Trump gov accounts and transition to the Biden ones.

2.7 Leaked Zoom Call Shows US Federal Employees Conspiring to Sabotage the Trump Administration (VIDEO)

3.  CCP Virus

3.1 The World Needs a Real Investigation Into the Origins of Covid-19

3.2 Bill Gertz tweets: This week’s Inside the Ring column @WashTimes: Interagency task force on virus origin deadlocked — 7% say SARS-Cov-2 is a bioweapon; State transition scuttled Taiwan visit; China hostage diplomacy

3.3 US Secretary of State Pompeo tweets: In August 2020, @SecAzar visited Taiwan to highlight our health cooperation amid the global COVID-19 fight. Taiwan’s President @iingwen led a successful battle against COVID-19. @WHO could learn A LOT from Taiwan. #TaiwanCanHelp

4.  Combat the CCP

4.1 US Secretary of State Pompeo tweets: This administration was straight with the American people: The CCP is a Marxist-Leninist party that has made clear its hostility to our values and way of life.

4.2 US Secretary of State Pompeo tweets: Promise made, promise kept: We reversed decades of inaction against CCP abuses. We put complicit PRC companies on the @CommerceGov entity list, blocked visas for human rights abusers, and levied #GloMag sanctions on senior CCP officials for abuses in Xinjiang and HK.

4.3 US Department of State: We turned the page. We put American foreign policy with respect to the Chinese Communist Party in a new direction.

4.4 US Secretary of State Pompeo tweets: I raised China’s empty promises, human rights violations, unfair trade practices, and military menace in practically every meeting I had with friends and partners overseas.

4.5 US Secretary of State Pompeo tweets: We exposed Confucius Institutes for what they really are: hubs for disinformation and propaganda arms of the CCP.

4.6 US Secretary of State Pompeo tweets: For more information on China’s targeting of U.S. colleges, see my speech @GeorgiaTech: https://go.usa.gov/xAQzW

4.7 US Secretary of State Pompeo tweets: We have called on university boards to disclose and divest from malign PRC companies. We now require think tanks to disclose foreign funding sources before participating in @StateDept projects and scrutinize visas for ties to the PLA. https://go.usa.gov/xAp3j

4.8 US Secretary of State Pompeo tweets: Where we started ➡️ Where we ended

4.9 Statement from National Security Advisor Robert C. O’Brien

4.10 US Secretary of State Pompeo tweets: Before this administration, the CCP & its proxies stole invaluable U.S. technology with impunity. Now we are prosecuting spies & thieves, and keeping them from getting visas to steal from our great cutting edge innovators.

4.11 US Secretary of State Pompeo tweets: “For the first time ever, the U.S. government openly declared the CCP’s claims in the South China Sea “completely unlawful” and sanctioned more than 20 PRC companies for aiding PRC’s maritime claims.

4.12 US Secretary of State Pompeo tweets: The alliance of democracies facing the CCP threat is growing every day. We worked with allies and partners in the EU and Asia on the transatlantic China dialogue, the Quad, increased joint drills in the South China Sea, and much more.

4.13 US Secretary of State Pompeo tweets: Contrary to what you hear from the globalists and other “experts,” the Trump Administration has never been unilateral on the central threat of our time, the CCP. We have built a global multilateral consensus to counter it. #LeadingFromTheFront

4.14 U.S. announces new sanctions on six linked to Hong Kong mass arrests

4.15 US Secretary of State Pompeo tweets: We concluded a Science and Technology agreement and launched an education initiative focused on Mandarin and English training. We know Taiwan is a #ReliablePartner and a force for good – we’re proud of our strong & growing partnership!

4.16 Newsmax tweets: @RichardGrenell tells @JosephPinion “the Donald Trump Middle East policy has been wildly successful, we also know that the border policies have been very successful.” http://nws.mx/tv

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