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Except Sent congratulatory Message, Xi JinPing continuous hiding

      Teletubby Xi JinPing, who’s been hiding for more than 15 days, only sent a congratulatory message to Thongloun Sisoulith for being elected as new General Secretary of Lao People’s Revolutionary Party on 15th January. It’s said that he held a Politburo Standing Committee meeting at same day as well. Clearly, the Whistleblower Movement knows whatever he does and wherever he is. Although his surgery is successful, his health has yet to allow him to show his face, otherwise sort of signs be detected. Even more, US’s new tough policies against the CCP, e.g., concerted action of four US executive departments yesterday, delisting Three Chinese telecom giants and sanctioning CNOOC etc., makes him keep hiding. What’s more, US Air Force has announced that the newest B61-12 nuclear bomb design delivered by the F-15E Strike Eagle can precisely strike the underground target. Teletubby Xi may have obtained the intelligence on the US’s next action and he’ll face life threat as soon as he comes out.   

US Military Intelligence Community Recognizes Dr Li-Meng Yan’s Reports

       According to the Washington Times, after a three-week debate within an interagency group of scientists and medical experts formed to study the origin of the coronavirus, 70% of the experts seek to  reveal publicly that the virus behind the pandemic leaked accidentally from the high-security medical research laboratory at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, however, a third group that has growing support from the intelligence and arms control communities wants the task force final report to assert that the virus was produced by the Chinese military establishment as an engineered biological weapon. This article also mentioned that the position was first disclosed by exiled Chinese virologist Li-Meng Yan, who worked at a Chinese laboratory and said she is certain the coronavirus was created in a Chinese laboratory. Ms. Yan has published an extensive scientific study bolstering her claims. The assertion on the CCPVirus origin by this group has nothing to do with politics, but science. During the debate, no one argues whether the virus is from nature and no one challenges or argues Dr. Yan’s position, which indicates the support from military intelligence community, paving the way for Dr. Yan’s further position.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Notes the CCPVirus is From China

     Secretary of State Pompeo said in an interview with the Hugh Hewitt Show that all evidence is proving the CCPVirus is from China. “The Chinese Communist Party has offered not one, not two, but at least three alternative theories for where this began.  They continue to attempt to obfuscate.  Everything that we have seen indicates this Virus began not only inside of China, but at Hubei province, Wuhan.” For almost a year, the CCP’s propaganda outlets have fabricated that the coronavirus is originated from bats or found in a cave, or the RaTG13 exists, or the virus is originated in Southern Europe. Moreover, they even made up rumor that US army released the virus on purpose when attending Military World Game in Wuhan. But now, Secretary Pompeo alleges that enough evidence proves it began in China, strongly supporting Bill Gertz’s article on the Washington Times.

The Reason Communist China Builds So Many P3, P4 Labs

       The purpose the CCP builds so many P3, P4 labs is to seek mutant virus. The CCP creates new virus based on experience, which requires a lot of virologists and doctors. As it fails to build up a complete system, they seek mutant virus just by manual work, so it all depends on luck whether they can find the perfect one for scientific experiment. Thus, the result of the virus experience can only be confirmed by human subject research instead of simply by specific theory. Therefore, the CCP has to promote and build a lot of labs across the world, to broaden the experience and seek lucky mutant virus that will become the CCP’s Unrestricted Bioweapon. 

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