Lude Daily Briefing Morning Edition 2021.01.16 – NewYork Time

Published by: Lude Meida Editor: Lude Media Featured News Columnist

1. Xi Jinping still does not show his Face

       Since the LUDE Media broke the news that Xi Jinping has not shown up for more than 16 days after head surgery, is it cause Xi’s not recovery, or Xi is worried about the actions of the United States, or he does not trust people around him?  He is afraid of show up. Recently, the LUDE Media has been following Xi’s trend continuously, but rarely discusses the whereabouts of President Trump. The reason is the CCP has been overwhelmed by actions of the United States, and Xi Jinping’s continued invisibility shows that the CCP has realized its dangers, and the major families are trying to protect themselves.

 2. The U.S. State Department issued another statement on the traceability of the blockbuster Virus

        On the 15th of January 2021, the U.S. State Department issued a virus traceability statement against the Wuhan Virus Research Institute. The WHO went to China to investigate the new coronavirus, but its itinerary did not include the Wuhan Virus Research Institute.  The purpose of this statement issued by the United States is to directly point to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which means that the Wuhan Institute of Virology is really the place be focus and investigated.  The statement mentioned that the CCP has always prevented transparent and thorough investigations into the origin of the new Corona Virus but chose to invest a lot of resources in deception and false propaganda. The United States will do its best to support credible and thorough investigations.

 3. Secretary Mike Pompeo continuously tweeted about the new Corona Virus and the CCP’s responsibilities

        In recent days, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has repeatedly mentioned in the media and speeches the tracing of the virus and the attitude of the CCP to accountability.  He also criticized the CCP’s role in the new Corona Virus and the catastrophe it caused to the world.  And the latest Secretary of State Pompeo’s Twitter said: “The Communist Party of China is different from the Chinese people and supports the Chinese people’s desire to get rid of the CCP’s autocratic rule”.  It shows that the US government has thoroughly obtained sufficient evidence to prove the source of the new Corona Virus and the evil of the CCP intentionally concealing the truth of the epidemic.  The next actions of the United States will make the CCP pay its due price for the actions of the new Corona virus.

4. The U.S. releases additional more than 1,000 Chinese military companies

        The U.S. government issued an additional list include1,108 companies and prohibited U.S. companies from having any commercial relationship with them. This is real economic decoupling.  As the U.S. has learned the truth about the virus and understood the CCP’s harm to the world.  At the final moments of the US presidential election and the transfer of power, the Trump administration still implement a series of tough sanction against the CCP.  The fact that the United States can make these decisions and changes is inseparable from the efforts and contributions that the whistleblower movement has made behind. In the end, the United States will definitely announce the truth about the CCP’s creation of the biological and chemical weapons virus, and the eradication of the CCP is just imminent.

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