【Focus】British Journalists’ Visit to Mojiang Mine in Yunnan Continuously Hindered

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In order to divert the world from questioning its production and release of the virus, the Chinese Communist Party puts forward different claims about the source of the virus on different occasions at different times, among which the “mine cave theory” from Shi Zhengli of the Wuhan Institute of Virus Research is the most disorienting.
The “cave theory” refers to the death of three workers at the Tongguan copper mine in Mojiang in 2012 that contracted the coronavirus in a cave full of bats. After the deaths, scientists at the Wuhan Institute of Virology began sampling bats from the Tongguan mine and detected 293 species of coronavirus over three years.
However, there is no more information on the virus gathered from these expeditions other than a brief paper.

In an interview with the BBC last December, Shi also said she would be willing to give “any kind of interview” to rule out the possibility of a “lab leak”.
But when BBC China correspondent John Sudworth’s team tried to find out for themselves at the mine in the town of Tongguan, Mojiang, Yunnan Province, but found that this possibility completely does not exist.
Local plainclothes police and other officials in unmarked cars followed them for miles on the narrow, rough road until the journalists were completely blocked by a “broken down” truck. Locals confirmed that the truck had been deliberately parked on the road several minutes before the journalists arrived.

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Just days before the recent arrival of the WHO experts in China, a team from Sky News correspondent Tom Cheshire travelled to Mojiang, Yunnan Province, with the aim of exploring the long-standing question: one year after the outbreak of the New Coronavirus, and with so many deaths around the world, why no one knows where the new coronavirus comes from?
In the town of Tongguan in Mojiang, Yunnan Province, there are many rolling hills and mountains with caves that have been hollowed out. According to Shi Zhengli, the coronavirus came from bats carrying SARS-CoV-2-associated coronavirus in one of the abandoned mine caves.
The Sky News reporters drove to this legendary old mine, driving for hours on local mountain roads, when they reached the road leading to the mine and were blocked by a car.
When the journalists got out of the car to find out what was going on, the driver refused to move the vehicle or explain why. One person left the car to make a phone call and then more unidentified people appeared.
They told the reporters that there were no mine caves and that they were not allowed to go any further due to the New Corona Pneumonia prevention regulations. And this so-called prevention regulation has not been present in any of the villages they have passed through before.
After the press car was blocked by these people, there were more and more people and cars joining them, so much so that the Sky News reporters had to try to take another road, however, the road was eventually blocked by a motorcycle.
A car followed them until waiting police who took their information and ordered them to leave stopped the journalists. It was clear that the Chinese authorities were preventing any foreign journalists from coming to the area to investigate the “virus mine story”.

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Upon his return to Beijing, the journalist attended a press conference at the Chinese Foreign Ministry, where he asked: “Does the Chinese government acknowledge that China is most likely the origin of the coronavirus pandemic?”
And the lie-filled Hua Chunying surprisingly replied, “As seen in multiple media and reports, the COVID-19 pandemic is an outbreak around the world in the second half of 2020, with the first reported cases constantly updated.”
Today, with two million people killed by the Chinese Communist virus and nearly 100 million infected worldwide, human lives has been completely transformed, yet for more than a year there has been no definitive answer to the origin of the virus.
On the one hand, the Chinese Communist Party has blocked conscientious foreign journalists from exploring and reporting the truth about the virus, and on the other hand, it has directed the blame for the virus abroad, while at the same time collaborating with the World Health Organisation to deceive the world in various ways.
With Mr Bill Gertz’s article in the Washington Times on 13 January and the release of the Wuhan Institute of Virus Research report by the US State Department on 15 January, one is getting closer to the real cause of the origin of the virus and the day when the truth will be revealed is not far away.

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This is insane. No wonder John Sudworth recently had to relocate to Taiwan