《The Washington Times》Breaking Report on the Origin of the Virus

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On January 13, Mr. Bill Gertz published an article in the Washington Times titled “Task force on virus origin deadlocked”. Mr. Bill Gertz’s breaking report puts the current debate within the United States about the origin of the virus into the public, which has a great significance before January 20. Most investigators from task force on virus origin believe that the virus originated from the Wuhan laboratory. This report will drive the media to continue discussing the truth about the origin of the CCP virus.

According to Mr. Gertz’s report, the task force, which scientists and medical experts made up to study the origin of the coronavirus, came to a deadlock of how to report their conclusions. According to the internal group members familiar with the dispute, 70% of experts want to announce the virus leaked accidentally from a medical research laboratory at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, where should have the high-security system. Although Chinese scientists refuse to collaborate in examining the virus’ genetic makeup and explain where it comes from, the conclusion is supported by majority of the task force members.

However, members who against above conclusion insist the virus naturally occurred from zoonotic event starting from a bat to an intermediate host and then to humans. There were about 15% members in the task force support this conclusion.

A third group, which has increasing assist from the intelligence, wants the task force to conclude that the virus, officially known as SARS-CoV-2, was generated by the CCP military as an engineered bio-weapon. There were approximately 7% of the task force echo with this point. The exiled Chinese virologist Li-Meng Yan was the first to disclose this position. Dr Yan convinced that the coronavirus was generated in the CCP’s laboratory with extensive scientific reports to verify her claims.

The remaining 8% of the task force specialists have not come to a conclusion, they want to obtain more database but get refusal from the CCP.

The debate about the conclusion has been underway for three weeks includes many forthright anti-Trump scientists. The discussion’s focus was whether the American government could formally call communist China the reason for the COVID-19 pandemic and hold Beijing accountable. The dispute of the issue shows extreme politicization; many members of the task force believe this is a top-priority security issue that is worthy of bipartisan support.

Obstacles set up by the Chinese government have hampered the work of the task force. Beijing officials have refused to cooperate in research into the virus’s origin, insisting that it began in an “unregulated seafood market” in Wuhan. After the outbreak, studies conducted by the CCP say the virus was first identified in Wuhan in December 2019. However, the seafood market was sanitized and wiped out all the possible evidence related to the pandemic a year ago. Chinese government suppressed some scientists because they were trying to report oddities in that seafood market.

On the other hand, the CCP has launched a global public relations campaign to deflect criticism of handling the pandemic and the CCP’s lie to the world. The Chinese Communist government had released false information that the U.S. Army brought the virus to China. Recently, the Chinese Communist government has also tried to deflect its negligence over its handling of the virus to a different thing by falsely claiming that the virus came from southern Europe and spread to China through overseas workers.

The World Health Organization is investigating the central origin of the virus. Beijing initially blocked access to the inspection team, but the CCP announced this week that the group had been allowed to enter China on Thursday. But judging from all the WHO’s statements over the past year, I believe this is just the CCP and WHO’s playbook, and will be no truth to the people all over the world.

Before he left his post as White House deputy national security adviser, Matt Pottinger had publicly supported the lab-leak origin theory. He told British lawmakers “There is a growing body of evidence that the lab is likely the most credible source of the virus.”

Now a spokesman of the Health and Human Services has referred questions to the State Department. A State Department official said: “State recently convened an outside panel of experts to discuss possible origins of the coronavirus. While we do not divulge the contents of private conversations, the discussion reinforced our view that China needs to be transparent and provide a full and thorough accounting of what transpired in Wuhan.”

One source said the CCP would continue the stonewalling on the virus origin, and hoping that the Biden administration will quit further investigation. With the level of collusion between the Biden family and the Chinese Communist Party, this is entirely possible, which is why Mr. Gertz exposed the deadlock in the task force’s dispute over the origin of the virus at this point. In any case, there is still enough time before January 20 for President Trump to announce the truth of the virus publicly. And there is only one truth: the Chinese Communist Party has created the virus and launched unrestricted biological warfare against the world.

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