Now It’s Time for the World Showdown

In his Getter video on GTV on January 14, 2021, Mr. Miles Guo comments on the CCP virus and the  U.S. presidential election. With the threat of the CCP virus in the world now, nothing can stop the world to know the truth of the virus and hold the CCP accountable no matter who takes office. Now it’s time for the world showdown. Mr. Guo urges brothers-in-arms to look beyond what is just in front of them.


Many people only see their immediate benefits concerning their houses, cars, and interests. Yet, you are fragile and vulnerable to the [CCP] virus. 

Secretary of State Pompeo, Peter Navarro, and now all kinds of U.S. senior military officials have basically already officially stated that the [CCP] virus came from the Wuhan Lab, which indicates the virus is a weapon. However, There is no difference between intentional or unintentional release. Just like murder, where there is no unintentional homicide. Claiming that it is an unintentional murder after killing someone is a tall order. It is almost impossible. It is even more difficult to do than denying murder. 

What’s the situation like now, brothers and sisters? Between the U.S. presidential election and whether or not the virus released by the CCP is a bioweapon, which issue is more important? Which one? Do you think President Trump can stop it? Do you think Secretary of State Pompeo can stop it? No matter who takes office, do you think that the fact that the CCP created the virus [can be denied] and the pursuit of the truth of the virus as well as the efforts to hold the [CCP] accountable can be stopped?    

Everyone please also remember, that people all around the world, including the idiot Boris Johnson, were saying that the virus came from pangolin. Now there is talk that it was leaked [from the lab]. Brothers and sisters, let them continue to say whatever they want. The more they talk, the more they deny the truth, and the more they lie, the greater the Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China will they prove. This fight involves the future direction of mankind, along with the survival and death of all human beings.       

So, from yesterday till today, many people asked me, “Miles, in the face of the virus and the truth of the virus, who is the President? Where is mankind heading towards?” It all depends on the virus.

What many people from the CCP have been saying these days is correct. Since the outbreak of the virus, the political pattern of human beings has changed, as well as the modes of human existence, and the spiritual property of future mankind versus the material property of future mankind, whether it depends on materials, spirit, or both. For human beings…the relationship between mankind and heaven and earth, the relationship between mankind and mother nature, the relationship between human beings, the relationship between religion and faith, and the relationship between religion and political governance… now it’s time for the world showdown. Don’t only look at what is just in front of you. 

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