CCP-Virus Pandemic Daily Updates EP344

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  • Grant Stinchfield: A totalitarian society, where government is in complete control, is what they want. They call it the great reset.
  • Communist China reported 115 coronavirus cases which was the country’s highest daily increase in more than five months.
  • Pompeo: The truth about the CCP’s atrocities against its own people in Xinjiang is the stain of the century.
  • According to the DailyMail, 2020 saw most excess death since WWII.
  • Bill Gertz tweeted: White House once-secret strategic framework for Indo-Pacific showing goal of deterring China or defeating it in a conflict.   
  • Zero Hedge reports: A New York nursing home had zero COVID death. Then, it vaccinates residents and the death begin.
  • With China’s virus spread aggravating, coupled with decreased food import, meat and vegetable prices are surging. Chinese media insists sufficient food supply with stable market.
  • Censorship of the pandemic is elevated in China. Any words, pictures or screenshot containing COVID information are banned from WeChat.

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CCP-Virus Pandemic Daily Updates EP344

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