Katyusha News Reference-Sunday , January 10, 2021

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I. The New Federal State of China News

1.On Sunday (January 10), the Daily Mail News revealed that hundreds of pages of information related to the top-secret research conducted by the Wuhan Institute of Virology have been deleted by the Communist Party of China. The information involves more than 300 studies, and papers published online by the National Natural Science Foundation of China are no longer available. Among them, details of more than 300 studies published online by the National Natural Science Foundation of the Communist Party (NSFC), including many studies investigating diseases transmitted from animals to humans, are no longer available. The official website of the National Health Commission of the Communist Party of China soon released information confirming that the WHO International Expert Group on Tracing the Source of the Communist Party of China will enter the Communist Party of China on January 14.

2.The State Council of the Communist Party of China issued a white paper on China’s International Development Cooperation in the New Era on January 10. It has repeatedly emphasized the promotion of multilateralism and the Belt and Road Initiative, and repeatedly mentioned the “community with a shared future for mankind”. These points are the main starting points of the global expansion of communism.

3.Zhou Zile, a male student at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, was found seriously injured when he fall from the third floor to the second floor of the Sun Tak Car Park in Tseung Kwan O in the early morning of November 4 the year before last. He remained in hospital for five days before he died. On the evening of January 9, the court ruled four to one in large margin that he was “disputed about the cause of death”, but ruled out his killing by others. The judge pointed out that the hearing was “almost close to the truth”. After the judgment, Zhou Zile’s parents expressed the hope that “the truth will come out” in their lifetime.

4. The Communist Party of China insists on promoting the Belt and Road Initiative in Africa. The current President of Tanzania, Magufuli, met with Wang Yi, Foreign Minister of the Communist Party of China, on January 8. The Communist Party of China Land and Wood Engineering Group Co., Ltd. and the Communist Party of China Railway Construction International Group Co., Ltd. will participate in the construction of the Mwanza-Ihaca line railway. Maguli also supported the CCP’s participation in the project to build a 2.1 billion watt hydropower plant in the Selus Wildlife Protection Zone. The dam may affect the livelihoods of wildlife and local fishermen.

5.The U.S. government originally planned to block the overseas version of WeChat in September last year, but the court suspended the ban. The appeal began to be heard on Thursday (January 7). At present, the hand of WeChat censoring users’ published content has reached to the United States. There are registered accounts in the United States, and the content published on its platform has also been blocked by WeChat. Its friends cannot view the relevant content.

6. On the evening of January 10, SMIC International announced that it was notified by OTC Markets Group, the operator of OTCQX market, to allow its securities trading to continue until February 1, 2021. OTCQX is the financial market of over-the-counter securities in the United States. After SMIC International delisted from the New York Stock Exchange in 2019, the company’s American pre-trusted securities shares traded in the OTCQX market.

On January 7, 2021, OTC Market decided to stop the quotation and trading of nine securities, including China Railway Construction, Nanjing Panda Electronics and SMIC International, and stop the trading of the other three Chinese concept stocks four days later. At the same time, it will further evaluate and remove more China Concept Stock Securities from the platform. The New York Stock Exchange also decided to continue to delist China Telecom, China Telecom and China Unicom Hong Kong Co., Ltd. In response, major index providers around the world have also begun to sell off and will stop trading related Chinese concept stocks.

7. According to a document submitted by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on Sunday (January 10), the three major investment banks in the United States will remove about 500 structural products listed in Hong Kong. Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase and Morgan Stanley said that the action was to comply with President Trump’s Executive Order 13959. The ban came into effect on January 11, when U.S. investors, including pension funds, will prohibit investment in blacklisted CCP military enterprises and require the withdrawal of relevant investments by November 11.

8. Ip Lau Shuyi, a member of the Hong Kong Executive Council, published an article on January 10 proposing that the Communist Party of China abolish dual citizenship to fight against the British Overseas Passport (BNO) immigration program provided by the United Kingdom for Hong Kong people. She also said that people who want to emigrate should consider the price paid. It is believed that 5.49 million Hong Kong people are eligible to apply for BNO visas, accounting for more than half of the Hong Kong population.

II. World News

1. In an interview on January 9, Giuliani said that Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, has deprived 88 million Americans of access to information because he did not want people to hear that content.

2. In a letter sent later Sunday (January 10), Nancy Pelosi confirmed that the focus for the coming week would be entirely on impeaching President Trump, informing her fellow Democratic colleagues that the House would pass a resolution requiring Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment and subsequently impeach President Trump.

3. Carlson, the host of Foxnews in the United States, said in Carlson’s program tonight that CNN wants to remove Fox News from the shelves, and this idea is supported by many Democrats.

4. The commander of the U.S. National Guard (National Guard) said Friday (Jan. 8) that members of the National Guard deployed to Washington, D.C., to protect order in the capital will be left to the discretion of the unit commander whether to use lethal weapons to ensure security and order in Washington, D.C., during the inauguration on Jan. 20. 

5. In his latest blog post, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates called on the United States to prepare early, because climate change is far more destructive than the current CCP pneumonia epidemic. Lutheran has previously revealed that the technological oligarchs represented by Gates want to occupy an absolute authority in the themes of human infectious diseases, climate change and green environmental protection in order to form a dominance over the future world.

6. A spokesman for the British Communications Office confirmed that Starlink, SpaceX’s low-Earth orbit satellite broadband service, was licensed to install user terminals in the UK at the end of last year. According to the report, this laid the foundation for Starlink to enter the British broadband market and install thousands of satellite antennas in rural areas.

7. The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of the Japanese government said on January 10 that among the tourists arriving in Japan from Brazil, four men and women diagnosed with the CCP coronavirus were diagnosed with a new variant of the virus different from the British and South African variant.

8. Vatican media reported that the 78-year-old papal personal doctor Sokorsi died on the 26th of last month due to unwell and was reportedly due to complications caused by infection with the CCP virus.

9. Acting Prime Minister McCormack of Australia criticized Twitter for censoring President Trump’s Twitter account on January 11 and implementing double standards. Australian MPs reminded that Twitter’s refusal to delete images of Zhao Lijian insulting Australian soldiers shows that Twitter treats conservatives and Communists as two standards.

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