How has the Chinese Culture been tampered with? – Part 2

In traditional culture, the so-called historians are seen as storytellers since there were only scholars of Classic History in ancient times, so we should interpret History with the wisdom of Classics in order to see the true meaning behind the history and to learn lessons from the past rather than talk about History only.

According to traditional culture, everything is about Yin and Yang, both of which are always bound together as parts of a mutual whole , interconnected and also interchangeable. Nothing lasts forever, so everything is a process. In terms of traditional culture, it could be explained as “creating, prospering, facilitating, preserving”, which is easy to understand by example of “spring, summer, autumn, winter” representing a process of bud, growth, harvest and collection. It is impossible to grow forever or harvest forever, it must go through the process of “creating, prospering, facilitating, preserving”, which is a continuous cycle or transmigration, and so is the History. In terms of Buddhist doctrine (Buddha Dharma), it also could be explained as the four states of phenomena in the principle of physics “formation, existence, destruction, emptiness”. So, the conversion of Yin and Yang, and life and growth in nature are the general principle of everything.

The traditional culture also goes through this process and the cycle is summarized into four periods, Law is Dharma, Law close to Dharma, Law remote from Dharma, and Law extinction.

To be continued!


Author:Lily,  文也

Translator: Squirrel

Original opinion article by Himalaya Vancouver G-farm – 2021/01/16

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