Lude Daily Briefing Evening Edition 2021.01.14 – NewYork Time

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The Four U.S. Departments of Defense, Commerce, State, and Homeland Security issued sanctions against CCP companies and individuals on the same day

The Department of Defense charged nine companies of being CCP military companies, including Xiaomi Corporation, Advanced Micro-Fabrication Equipment Inc., Beijing Zhongguancun, China National Aviation, etc. The Department of Commerce added CNOOC to the entity list and Skyrizon to the military end-user list. Secretary of State Pompeo announced sanctions against CCP officials and executives of state-owned enterprises, barring them and their immediate families from entering the United States. The Department of Homeland Security released a strategic plan to address the CCP threat.

Simultaneous Sanction Orders Issued by Four U.S. Departments Are Significant

The Department of Defense’s listing of these companies as CCP military companies is surely backed by intelligence sources. These actions seem to be sanctioning CCP companies and individuals, but actually the aim is the pro-CCP U.S. companies and individuals behind these companies.

No matter which president takes office in the future, there is no way to overturn the fact that these companies are deemed as CCP military companies, meaning that the pro-CCP U.S. industrial chain, capital chain, securities chain, and financial chain behind every sanctioned company will come to a complete end.

The Commerce Department’s sanctions against CNOOC means a complete end to the CCP’s access to offshore oil extraction. CNOOC itself has no equipment production capacity at all. It relies on equipment and technology manufactured by the U.S. and Japan for offshore extraction. Due to the U.S. sanctions, all companies that provide equipments and maintenance to CNOOC will cease on it, and the CCP’s access to oil through CNOOC will be cut off.

The State Department imposed visa sanctions on members of the CCP military, executives and employees of state-owned enterprises, barring them and their immediate families from entering the U.S., which is essentially striking at the CCP system, which could not be changed even if Biden takes power.

The Department of Homeland Security’s declaration that the CCP threatens U.S. trade, economic, cyber, critical infrastructure and maritime security means that operations to apprehend CCP personnel in the United States are about to begin.

The gradual ratcheting up of sanctions indicates that the CCP has gone too far, forcing President Trump to make a painful decision to destroy the CCP.

The Significance of Miles Guo’s Winning of an Important Lawsuit

  • S. District Court sentenced Miles Guo as winner in his lawsuit filed in 2017 against Clark Hill Law Firm on leaking of Miles’ personal files due to hacking by CCP, and required Clark to release the stolen information, including a list of all clients. In fact Miles made the political asylum application from two law firms including Clark for double insurance, and succeeded through the other law firm. So then Clark was merely a disguise whereas this disguise has exposed the fact that the CCP hacked their law firm that all the 500 plus computers were disabled and all the data were stolen.

Miles demanded in the lawsuit that, first, Clark should disclose all the stolen data; and second, all investigations involving the cause of the hacking should be made public. This is Miles’ strategy. Clark had only two choices either  to admit to being hacked by the CCP, or to disclose all the customer information and goes out of business directly. Since Clark is an American company, it would eventually choose to accuse the CCP of being behind the hacking. And the CCP’s hacking the computers of a U.S. law firm would affirm their organized attack on the U.S. network, which is equivalent to an attack on the U.S. mainland, and would trigger the NATO mutual protection mechanism, through which NATO would start military operations against the Chinese Communist Party.

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