[Wen Yong Talk] Debasement Is the Password to the Base, Nobility the Epitaph of the Noble

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There were two rare consecutive sunny days in the first month of 2021, but I was down to the lowest point since writing my column. When I try to take a day off and calm myself down, I found that my WeChat “Moments” was already filled with scolding words. CCP-trained professors are rarely capable of “self-cleaning”, yet they are experts on criticizing others. They have never seen a single ballot, yet they think they know everything about the American democratic system. I have no idea on where the pathetic confidence comes from. If it weren’t for the massive election fraud in the US, I got no chance to see how idiotic and arrogant the CCP professors have become. Some WeChat groups have been blocked due to cursing and personal attacks. Those useful idiots are full of confident out of nowhere, claiming that American law could not be challenged, Trump was shooting himself in the foot, and Biden’s victory was the choice of the law and the people. I have to admit that I was emotionally affected by these claims.

This is the ecosystem of CCP’s social medias, full of morros without independent and critical thinking. Not aware of living in a sh*thole, they quite enjoy eating feces, believing that legitimacy always belongs to the winner, while losers are always wrong, educating the next generations with fake news and uncivilized logic. For these Stockholm Syndrome patients, I am afraid that even the ventilator cannot save their lives if infected by the CCP virus.

President Trump said that the Supreme Court Justices and Mike Pence “didn’t have the courage”, but in fact, don’t we all need a little more courage? President Trump must have suffered the cold weather in D.C., can he still maintain the enthusiasm for his supporters? Does he still have extra energy to comfort the broken hearts of millions of supporters who waited in the cold yesterday and protested for American freedom? Millions of people are looking up to “the chosen one”, they want to know the truth, they want to see justice fulfilled, they want to fight for freedom. At this moment, standing up for justice makes more sense than keeping the peace in chains. Without justice, the gun-culture is nonsense.

President Trump was having a hard time in the past few months. He has watched the Mainstream media using every conceivable means to slander and discredit him; he has watched the long arms of evil communist turn into Spider-Man, and stick to whoever they want; he has watched the judiciary, which supposed to represent justice, be eradicated at every level; he has watched the taxpayers’ money was used to purchase “Dominion Voting System” to elect corrupted politician one after another to represent the people; he has watched his close teammates turned into Judas and stabbed him from the back; he has watched his supporters fall down under the gun of the conspirators. No matter how strong he is from heart, President Trump is, after all, a 75-years old man, a flesh-and-blood human being. After experiencing all kinds of betrayals, can he still retain a compassionate person? Can he still think of the world? Can he still believe in justice? Can he still fight for faith, freedom, and the dignity of America?

For what it worse, January 6th,2021 will go down history in the U.S. The look on Pence’s face when he announced Biden’s victory; the terrified congressman and congresswoman; the thieves who were busy arranging to suspend Twitter accounts and impeaching President Trump, will all be remembered. I believe that “Debasement is the password to the base, Nobility the epitaph of the noble”.

Thinking of the devastation of most powerful president in the world, thinking of our Whistleblower Movement and so many what ifs, I couldn’t sleep and burst into tears. How can we protect our brothers-in-arms including Dr. Yan if the U.S. Constitution has been shaken by CCP’s infiltration? Suddenly, I was filled with fear and immediately understood what Mr. Guo had been through: the hardship, the horrors, all kinds of betrayal of close friends, not being able to go home, not being able to take care of his loved ones, his situation is more dangerous than President Trump every step of the way.

Until after 3 a.m., I saw Linwood’s post from Parler: “Time for rest. I had to stay up to watch the conclusion of the greatest attempted theft in the history. Now it is a completed crime. Many traitors will be arrested and jailed over the next several days. President Donald J. Trump will serve 4 more years!!!” That should be the message I was waiting for. Later on, I saw Mr. Guo’s broadcast. He said, “Who said President Trump would give up?” That was exactly what I want to hear. As long as President Trump doesn’t give up, he will definitely win.

On Lude’s show next morning, guest An Hong said she had a sleepless night. She was not alone, many brothers-in-arms are with her. I wonder how many people besides Americans are concerned with this election more than Americans do, let alone arguing with friends and families. It is all traced back to the evil CCP, they need to pay back one day, soon, very soon.

Jan 6th, 2021 could be one of the darkest days in the history of America. There has never been a moment like that. I know there are still lots of Americans who don’t believe “Frauds” because it’s too bad, too egregious, and too crazy to believe. But as Chinese Americans, we know more about the evil CCP and their dirty tricks. There is a Chinese saying that “Your kindness limits your imagination”. Don’t think it cannot be true just because it’s too evil, take some time to have a look at the plenty of evidence. Let’s stand up together to save our democracy, to protect our country and our constitution.

Source: https://gnews.org/zh-hans/729261/

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