Lude Daily Briefing Evening Edition 2021.01.13 – NewYork Time

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President Trump Impeached by the House for Second Time

The 232-197 House vote on Jan. 13 made Trump the first president to be impeached twice in history. The charge against Trump now goes to the Senate where a trial will not be held until Jan. 20 due to a Senate adjournment. It should be noted that whether it gets through in the Senate, it only decides whether President Trump would be dismissed, not whether he committed criminal offences. The point is that it is not Jan. 20 yet, and it all depends.

White House issues amendments on executive order 13959 sanctioning Communist Chinese military companies

President Trump issued an executive order on amending executive order 13959 on Jan. 13.

The amendments expand the scope of sanctions and prolongs the entity list, thus tightening the sanctions. The amendments prohibit certain sales as well as purchases of publicly traded securities, or any securities that are derivative of, or are designed to provide investment exposure to such securities, of any Communist Chinese military company.  They also prohibit possession of such securities by United States persons 1 year after a company is determined to be a Communist Chinese military company.  And, finally, they allow the Secretary of Defense publicly to list whether a company is a Communist Chinese military company. The amendment means very severe sanctions on any company linked with Communist Chinese military and thus a vital strike on the CCP.

The continuity of U.S. government policy after Jan. 20.

President Trump signed another comprehensive and detailed order, pushing the CCP one step closer to perdition. The orders can be overturned by future presidents, but only with sufficient reasons, evidence and corresponding administrative means. Economically, the Swamp and Wall Street capital will assess the enormous investment risk of continuing the cooperation with the CCP. Legally, the United States itself has well-developed laws, and the executive order issued today has complete legal logic. So, it is hard or even politically risky for the successor to overturn them. Moreover, if this order is overturned, American society will be torn apart further. Because of the continuity of policy, the order will continue to be implemented.

Salvini is likely to be the next Prime Minister of Italy

Italian Prime Minister Conti is going to step down after Italia Viva announced on Jan. 13 that its members would quit the government cabinet. The current Italian government may be reshuffled, or an early election may be called. Salvini, chairman of the biggest party in Italy, centre-right Northern League, is likely to be the next Prime Minister. Salvini is a good friend of Bannon. He publicly supported Dr. Li-Meng Yan’s theory on the virus origin on Sep. 30 last year. The change in Italian politics has a lot to do with the Vatican as well as the campaign against the Great Reset. Salvini’s inauguration would be an important start for the Global Populist Alliance against Great Reset.

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