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Australian Prime Minister spoke firmly against “The Great Reset”

Since the outbreak of the CCP virus, global elites have used ” The World Economic Forum” to launch ” The Great Reset ” plan in an attempt to promote socialism globally. The Great Reset is to use a series of methods (including CCP biochemical virus) to promote the establishment of the “new world order”, by reducing the global population, causing the global economy to collapse, political collapse and other anti-human measures, and finally allowing mankind to yield to the rule of a few global elites. Australian Prime Minister Morrison believes that democratic values are still the best way to solve various problems and opposes “the Reset” values.

The Great Reset has sinister intentions

The evil CCP’s dictatorship kidnaps 1.4 billion people and controls their freedom, which contradicts Western universal values. For a long time, the CCP has been infiltrating various international organizations, controlling the formulation and implementation of policies, and promoting global socialism. The evil elites in the West blend with the CCP to control human’s thought and behavior through epidemics, environmental changes, and technology. The manifestations are as follows: 1. Use social media to brainwash people, and various technological products make people dependent. 2. Science changes religion and ideology, and subverts all current systems by promoting environmental changes (such as global warming). The digitalization of environmental protection economy is to change the rules of the game. 3. The combination of AI big data and mainstream media will control the right to speak, and the truth will never be revealed. Data replaces the constitution and religion; justice and civilization will no longer exist. ” The Great Reset ” is modern slavery.

The White House announced the US-Indo-Pacific strategic framework to deal with the CCP

Confidential documents in 2018 were released. The strategic framework requires the promotion of American values throughout the Indo-Pacific region, the promotion of a free economic order, and the maintenance of American influence. Strengthen cooperation between the United States and its allies and partners to ensure that the CCP is defeated in future conflicts. This framework was formulated to curb the CCP’s growing influence in the regional economy, military, and diplomacy, showing that President Trump is doing everything for the interests of the United States. Decryption at this time will also put pressure on the next government. The continuity of strategy is of vital importance to the national security and interests of the United States. The strategic competition between China and the United States will continue due to ideological differences.

The US-Indo-Pacific strategic framework coincides with the pace of the Whistleblower Movement

In the past two years or so, the interaction between the United States and its allies and the confrontation with the CCP in various fields have been implementing this framework. It is self-evident that the intelligence provided by the Whistleblower Movement has contributed greatly to the American strategy. Its profound exposure to the CCP completely awakened the righteous forces and government officials in the West. The various strategies of the CCP in the framework coincide with LUDE Media in the past few years, which analyzed in detail the CCP’s global strategy and tactics and its evil intentions to control the world. The wave of the global eradication of communism has taken shape, and no matter who is in power, this trend cannot be reversed.

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