[Commentary] The Elusive Power behind American Speech Check and Suppression Drives Dissentient Voices into Oblivion

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Big Tech, such as Twitter, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, and Google, recently acted simultaneously to suspend, block, or remove the accounts of President Trump, Don Jr., Mayor Giuliani, General Flynn, and so many other dissenting people, as well as the Parler app and War Room. Media establishments have no jurisdiction or legislative power, therefore are not juristic speech arbiters, however with the banner of Fact Check, this pure social media massacre suggests all media establishments are now the speech judges for this country, with the Mainstream Media flying the flag for it alongside.

Image source: https://www.indiatoday.in/world/story/twitter-permanently-suspends-donald-trump-s-account-over-risk-of-incitement-1757334-2021-01-09

What is happening in America mirrors the incipient stage, and maybe even further, of speech suppression in China. Last December, National Pulse uncovered American news outlets who have strong and cooperative ties with the Chinese Communist Regime are complying with the guide from this dictatorship to advocate its merits and ideology in America and the world, partially revealing the reason behind the oddity.1 On Jan 11, 2021, Secretary Pompeo also delivered an address at Voice of America, funded by U.S. taxpayers, emphasizing VOA should not be a platform for regimes of China, North Korea, and Iran. All of these have implied the Chinese Communist Regime‘s (CCP) impact on American media.

The ideology of the Chinese Communist Party has the adulteration of feudalism and state-capitalism, not sheer Communism, resulting in the country being under the domination of several families who control the national economy, allocate resources, and reject dissent. In ancient China, emperors used Collective Punishment, a ferocious sentence of exterminating a family clan up to nine generations, including patriline, matriline, and lineages of spouse and descendants, to sweep out disobedience and tame people. Now, the Chinese Communist Regime has practiced this up a notch with modern technologies.

Despite their irreplaceable convenience for people’s lives, modern technologies nonetheless serve as sharp tools to mute and discredit people. The Chinese Communist Regime has devised a two-step model, of disrepute and then destruction, to disappear dissidents and close associations mentally or even physically by taking advantage of these miraculous chips.

Disrepute begins with the removal of all dissentient words, posts, articles, photographs everywhere, online or in print, not permitted to reappear, as well as warnings to the author. If this has no sufficient deterrence, a more severe ban will be imposed to erase all traces in any place at any time, make the author’s voice undetectable at every corner, and commence a large-scale smear campaign. This campaign will sprawl to an inconceivable extent by bombarding on all forms of media outlets to defame the dissident, and then apply unbearable pressure to force the dissident’s surrender by mobilizing possible ties, such as family members, relatives, colleagues, friends, and neighbors, to convince, beg, blame, harass, or even threaten the concerned party. Lude, the host of Lude Media, even received messages from his ex-wife, instructed by the Chinese regime, telling him to cease to be a dissident. Under such pressure, the public tends to accept the defamation as the truth, and sometimes, the dissident will become self-skeptical, losing faith in previous statements.

If disrepute fails, the next level would be destruction. Depending on the degree of social harm outlined by the Chinese regime, the dissident may face activity restrictions of being denied travel by planes, trains, or even buses, forbidden to use the internet and social media, and hindered further career and education; the same woul applied to family members sometimes. Further, the dissident could be imprisoned for a short time or lifetime, and someone may be conditionally released or executed accordingly, with the family members placed under watch afterward. If unable to restrain or eradicate the dissident, the Chinese Communist regime would use all available means to globally daunt the dissident to back off, as with the case of Dr. Yan Limeng, who escaped the communist regime to show the world the truth about Covid-19. As a result, her mother was arrested several times and remains in custody to deter her daughter. Fox’s Tucker Carlson Show shared the details in one episode.

Western Mainstream Media and these big techs are peddling the elementary stage of the Chinese speech suppression model. Very soon, along with the continuous infiltration from the Chinese Communist Party to the West, speech suppression manipulations would resonate exactly with Chinese policy, as the pivotal winning of the unrestricted war, which would enshroud the world into the Great Reset, without authentic law or justice in the domination of elites’ willingness.

contributor/Reviewer: Helen


1. All Major Western Media Outlets Take ‘Private Dinners’, ‘Sponsored Trips’ From Chinese Communist Propaganda Front : https://thenationalpulse.com/exclusive/media-private-ccp-dinners-trips/

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