Lude Daily Briefing Morning Edition 2021.01.12 – NewYork Time

Published by: Lude Meida Editor: Lude Media Featured News Columnist

1. Xi Jinping still failed to make an appearance.

Xi was always busy today from 2015 to 2018, however on the same date this year he still failed to make an appearance, extending this weird situation for another day. In addition, CCP modified the photo several times after LUDE Media discovered it was a photoshopped one, which is surely not because CCP is good at taking people’s advice. To avoid the embarrassment of being caught again, they did not dare to use Xi’s photo in today’s news.

2. An overwhelming and unnecessary investigation.

It is said that Xi secretly investigated around 1000 people because of this photo incident. It is so ridiculous that such a  fuss  was caused and everyone was scared like a hunted bird just because of a photo. Xi especially focuses on deviously inquiring into the current situation of the personnel handling the relevant photos. Since a group of people have been put into jail because the information about Xi’s surgery was leaked, this time it would be unavoidable that more unlucky guys end up in jail. Considering everyone within the CCP cherishes only his own life and would pass the buck, they would finally have no choice but to blame US technology and US hackers for every fault, which is the only way to save their lives.

3.To kill someone, first destroy his soul.

It is not simply exposing CCP’s trick, nor has LUDE Media simply exposed Xi’s recent condition. Its aim has always been to verify an important thing, and it is destroying CCP’s soul.

How did the problems of the photo get leaked? Why did concerned staff make a mistake at this very time? CCP, you’d better wonder about these questions, and have a taste of your soul being destroyed.

4. What is the political and legal affairs commission working meeting saying?

The recent work meeting of the political and legal affairs commission clarified the internal and external situation and analyzed various risks. Among them, the risk of the Internet is highlighted, which is alluding to the Whistleblower Movement. The CCP has always been afraid that the public opinion triggered by the Whistleblower Movement would spread to communist China and cause various problems in all aspects of society, not knowing how many brothers-in-arms of the Whistleblower Movement were in this meeting. Currently, due to Xi’s long absence, CCP’s members have begun to choose sides. Worse still, seeing Xi’s henchmen were highlighted in the report, the lower officialdom has been in mutual suspicion and become a mess.

5. What is the purpose of Wang Chunning’s attendance?

 Wang Chunning, the newly appointed Commander of Armed Police Force, also attended the meeting of the political and legal affairs commission. News reports highlighted Wang Chunning’s participation in the meeting in order to show that Xi not only controls the garrison, but also controls the armed police, and thus intimidates and warns the political and legal officials participating in the meeting to stabilize the situation.

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