[Headline News] Guo Wengui Wins Discovery on Cyberattack in Clark Hill Malpractice Lawsuit

Reporter: Ruiqiu             Contributor: Brain Sanitizer           Reviewer: Rica

A Washington D.C. federal judge granted Mr. Guo Wengui’s discovery bid to compel the law firm Clark Hill PLC to provide him “all reports of its forensic investigation into the cyberattack that led to the public dissemination of Mr. Guo’s confidential information,” related to a 2017 cyberattack on the Clark Hill PLC’s computer servers.

The discovery dispute arose in a malpractice lawsuit brought by plaintiff Guo Wengui, a Chinese billionaire and dissident. Mr. Guo had retained Clark Hill for assistance on an asylum petition and sued after a hacker published his confidential information online.

U.S. District Judge James Boasberg rejected the law firm’s arguments that a report created by consultancy Duff & Phelps and related materials are protected by work product and attorney-client privileges.

The judge also granted Mr. Guo’s requested discovery for information related to the attack and other clients of the firm. The information is “clearly relevant, and appropriate reactions can assuage any privilege or privacy concerns,” the judge said.

According to the January 14th Lude Media Broadcast, it was the Chinese Communist Party that hacked Clark Hill PLC’s computer servers and stole the data of more than 500 computer customers. However, Clark Hill PLC did not accuse the CCP of some reason, whereas Clark Hill PLC terminated the law service for Mr. Guo’s asylum petition.

Lude explained since Clark Hill PLC lost the lawsuit and was required by the court to provide the information “related to the attack and other clients of the firm,” what could Clark Hill PLC firm do to solve the problem? Will they turn to the U.S. Homeland security or the FBI on the cyber attack investigation? Will they claim that they were hacked by the CCP? If it could be confirmed by a governmental investigation that the CCP cyberattacked the American business and U.S. citizen data, then NATO would impose sanctions on the CCP.

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