GTV UK News Special (6th Jan, 2021) – An Interview with Mr. Bannon: CCP’s Strategy to Dominate the US

Summary by Dr. Ming


On the 6th Jan 2021, the US Congress will count the electoral votes and declare the election result. Tens of thousands of people are in Washington rallying against voting fraud and to support President Trump. To address this special day and the event, GTV UK News presents a 5-hour special edition.

Our purpose is to unveil the truth behind the scenes, i.e. the exploitation by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) that aims to dominate the US, the West and at the end of the day, the whole world.

The underpinning question is: What strategy has the CCP been using in its attempt to dominate the world? To answer this question, we present four cases, namely the US election fraud, the Biden’s hard drive, the coronavirus pandemic and the crackdown of Hong Kong. These topics are related to each other. Each stands as an example of the CCP’s relevant strategy.

During the live broadcast, we have the privilege to interview our chief fighter and our hero Mr. Stephen K. Bannon about the mentioned topics.

Edited by:【G-News Special Squad】

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