1/16/2021 Financial News: Communist China’s Food Crisis

Image source: www.vcg.com

1.Food crisis in Communist China

Communist China is openly discussing the issue of food security lately. Though it has reported a bumper crop harvest in 2020, many doubt the official records released. domestically, there are unresolved challenges such as low degree of scale, low per capita arable land area, low agricultural forces and the high degree of external dependence of seeds. Externally, international political tensions, pandemic logistics issues and rise of protectionism of traditionally food exporting countries to Communist China to reduced exports. Communist China is facing an urgent task at hand for its 1.4 billion population.

2.Consecutive oil price increases in Communist China
According to the monitoring result by the National Development and Reform Commission price monitoring center, during the current round of refined oil price adjustment (December 31, 2020 – January 14, 2021),the international oil prices shake up, with London Brent and New York WTI oil prices rising 6.57%, as a result, domestic gasoline and diesel retail prices were raised by 185 yuan/ton and 180 yuan/ton individually.

3.Zotye Auto is on the verge of bankruptcy

Zotye was affected by the bankruptcy of its parent company, Tie Niu Group, and the news of its near collapse was announced at the end of 2020. However, in fact, Zotye had been rumored to be bankrupt several times in the previous years, and the Yongkang municipal government had repeatedly given a helping hand. In 2019, Zotye Auto had been granted a 3-billion-yuan (US$0.46 billion) loan by major banks, but due to the excessive debt hole, it still could not be saved.

4.Delivery cost doubled in many cities of Communist China

On January 14, Best Express Xinzheng Branch (a logistic company) issued a notice stating that with immediate effect, the freight rates for the whole network into Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Heilongjiang, Jilin and Liaoning areas rose by 100% and other provinces by 30% due to harsh situation caused by CCP virus. Other logistic companies also issued freight rates notice with 10% to 30% increase.

5.The true value of Bitcoin

Bitcoin has been on an upward trend since October 2020 breaking $40,000 recently. It certainly has come a long way since its initial pricing of $0.004709 USD each. In times of political uncertainties and pandemic, many have turned to this form of ‘digital gold’ as store of value. There are many analysists forecasting the bullish trend will continue, exciting many cryptocurrency fans. However, as one contrarian who wisely point out, despite its trading price, the likelihood of Bitcoin being used as a loan collateral at present, is 0%. As an astute investor, shouldn’t we pay attention to this?

By 【Financial Team-KM】

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3 months ago

Now we know why China desperately wants the USA for itself.
We are the world’s breadbasket.



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