[Commentary] The True Nature and Countermeasure to “the Great Reset”

Produced by MOS Himalaya Author: GBWater

The Great Reset was proposed by globalist elites at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland in May 2020 and the goal is to rebuild the economy sustainably following the COVID-19 pandemic. Carbon pricing was mentioned as a way to achieve sustainability, while technology will make sustainable ideas more profitable. However, the real agenda of the Great Reset is to take away freedom from the people through pandemic, climate change, and technological progress. We will illustrate the devastating consequences of the Great Reset and point out the alternatives to achieve sustainable growth.

First, governments around the world have imposed various COVID-19 restrictions on citizens, such as closing businesses and schools, banning in-person religious services and mandatory coronavirus tracking apps. If the governments are let to issue orders unchecked in the name of the pandemic, people’s constitutional rights are essentially gone. COVID-19 is not a one-off crisis from nature. Dr. Yan Li-meng stated clearly in her research reports that COVID-19 is a bioweapon made by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in the lab using the military exclusively owned Zhoushan bat virus as a template. Dr. Yan pointed out that when the CCP makes a bioweapon, they create many kinds of viruses. The ultimate solution to the pandemic is removing the creator of the virus. Therefore, it is very dangerous that the Great Reset glorifies biological warfare as an opportunity for a reset.

Second, the Paris Agreement reiterated that developing countries should be financially supported to achieve emission goals. President Trump called the policy lopsided, requiring little from China but a great deal from the US. Because energy consumption quota will impact allocation of global supply chains and jobs, America quit the Paris Agreement. China, the world’s biggest polluter, dominates the climate change policy and has enormous power to extort money from other nations. Controlling energy consumption is also a way to restrict freedom of people. Since grid systems are often centralized and nationalized, authoritarian governments can cut off power supply to dissidents. The alternative solution is a decentralized and clean energy system, such as solar roof, battery walls and electric cars.

Third, globalists’ technological progress was played out by Big Tech in real time throughout the US election. Twitter and Facebook suppressed the truths of Hunter’s laptop from hell and evidence of massive election fraud. After Twitter and Facebook banned President Trump and many American patriots, Big Tech refugees migrated to competing platforms such as Parler. To everyone’s surprise, Google and Apple pulled off Parler from App stores; Amazon shut down Parler’s servers. The Big Tech firms are perpetrating crimes of dictators by killing freedom of speech. How can such a Great Reset be sustainable? The alternative is coming. The Starlink project will provide internet access from the space via satellites with global coverage. The Email inventor Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai promised to “deliver you a platform that will destroy Big Tech”. The good forces are applying science and technology to defend truths and freedom.

The core of the Great Reset scheme is to conceal truths with false narratives and restrict human rights with pandemic and climate change policy. The facilitators of the scheme are globalists, such as Wall Street, the Big Tech companies and compromised politicians. By spreading the truth and joining the alternative ecosystems, we the people will win.




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mandatory coronavirus tracking apps Good thing I don’t have a cell phone…. Battery cars SUCK. Drive a few hours then try to find a recharging station AND a place to stay for hours while it recharges. Battery cars are ONLY good for local commuting at best. What landlord will spend huge sums of money to upgrade power and install wiring for you to recharge? Can you imagine how high he rent gets raised if they do? Some HOA’s probably have bans on things in the front of the house. Pollutes more to make the batteries than the pollution from fossil… Read more »