Those Whom God Wishes to Destroy, He First Makes Mad

In the January 13, 2021 Getter video, Miles said the CCP is behind all the chaos in the US today. However, the CCP’s craziness will eventually lead to its own death because “Those whom God wishes to destroy, he first makes mad”.

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Look at the situation in the U.S. today. Americans haven’t figured out the fundamental reason for all of this. How many people have said that the origin is not in the U.S. or it is completely created by the U.S.? Anyhow, behind all of these today is the CCP, the Chinese Communist Party. Brothers and sisters all know how to say it, but can hardly accept it: “Those whom God wishes to destroy, He first makes mad.”

I heard that before Jianming Ye was thrown into the river, he was asked to leave a few last words. He then said, “The craziness of the CCP will lead to its death.” These are the only words he left. When first being incarcerated, he shouted, “The Communist Party is great! General Secretary Xi is great!” He shouted these words everyday. When being interrogated, he said, “The Communist Party is great. The CCP is great.” However, the last words he left were “The craziness of the CCP will lead to its death.” 

I also heard that when Jack Ma met with his Japanese friend a couple of days ago, he said, “I am naive and I regret that I did not listen to Miles Guo. I should have left the place earlier or at the earliest time, rather than waiting until the Ant Financial went public. Then I would be able to fight them in the U.S. and play with them before they kill me.” He said he regrets now. Brothers and sisters, I hope none of you will regret. Don’t wait until there is no chance to fight, just like Jack Ma. Nothing more to say. Justice prevails! 

Brothers and sisters, unless you do not believe it, doubt, which is one of the five poisons— “Greed, Anger, Ignorance, Arrogant, and Doubt” according to the Buddhism can let you lose righteousness and braveness. In this world, truth cannot be fake and fake cannot become truth. Good cannot turn into evil, but evil can turn into good. We can. 

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