Chinese People Can Never Have Private Properties Under The CCP

The Communist Manifesto, co-authored by Marx and Engels in 1848, marks the birth of communism. Marx was an admirer of Satanism, and communism was a ghost floating over Europe from its birth. Communism advocates for atheism and materialism, which are fundamentally used to destroy freedom and democratic civilization, and all communist countries are invariably dictatorial tyrannies. Without the faith like the fear of God, of reincarnation, of heaven and hell, the evil side of human is allowed to grow. The absence of faith leads to the extreme evil of the communist party.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was monstrosity funded by the Communist International and spawned by the Soviet Union in China. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the CCP inherited the mantle of the Communist International. The purpose of the CCP’s propaganda of atheism is to extinguish religions, to disguise the CCP as the only God, the ultimate God. The CCP’s so-called materialism has morphed into altruism, which makes the Communist Party and money the only belief. The purpose of seizing power is to seize more assets and be the emperor forever.

The elimination of private ownership and the establishment of public ownership were the original intentions of the Chinese Communist Party. Private ownership is a symbol of liberalism, while public ownership is a symbol of centralism. The history of the Chinese Communist Party’s deprivation of private property is full of bad traces and blood. From the fight against the landlords and the division of land, the land reform, the transformation of the public ownership system, to the reform and opening up of the country into the people. Although occasionally loosening the ties, it was eventually taken back by various means.

The CCP flamed hatred between the rich and the poor, took advantage of jealousy which is part of human’s nature, to create anti-rich sentiment while drawing fairy tales of ideal socialism and nebulous communism. As an analogy, the CCP make the Chinese people pull a mill like a donkey with its face covered, running towards the moving carrot hanging in front of them, exerting all their last strength. In the end when the mill is done, the donkey is slaughtered.

Means of depriving the Chinese people of private properties

– Political reform: in the name of anti-corruption, cracking down on dissidents and putting money from the pockets of opponents into their own safes

– Housing reform: In the absence of land rights, the long term lease of property is converted into so-called property rights, placing 80% of the people in lifelong home loan, emptying the people’s savings and turning them into the assets of thieves.

-Education reform: brainwashing with low-quality education, creating 10,000 people crowding a one-way bridge; education spending namely accounts for about 4.1% of GDP, however for example, there are 7,017 party schools (including central enterprises, military), 153 national-level party schools, 3,959 provincial and municipal-level, 90 prefecture-level, county-level 2,002, taking up a lot of funds; the remaining small amount of funds, had to build 10,000 capacity secondary schools, reducing the number of schools, centralized teaching, students living away from their hometowns, increasing the economic burden; by expanding enrollment, dispersing the employment pressure of graduates, resulting in a large number of masters, doctors, post-doctoral employment difficulties.

-Medical reform: Medical expenditure accounts for about 6.4% of GDP, which is 1/3 of the developed countries, and a large proportion of it is spent on senior CCP officials. The people can’t afford to be sick, and they can’t afford to be treated when they get sick. Hospitals have become a money-gathering machine for thieves.

– Financial reform: debt equitation, selling debt to investors

– Block chain and digital currency: DC/EP The central bank has 28 pilot cities for the digital RMB. The RMB is already anchored by debt and deficit, the digital RMB arguably has no credit and is bound to be worthless with the demise of the Communist Party

Purpose of depriving the Chinese people of private properties

– To impoverish ordinary people: to deprive the people of their means of basic livelihood, to implement a planned economy, to supply by numbers, to make the people dependent on the powerful

– To weaken ordinary people: to make the people fearful, weak and tired, eat toxic food, breathe polluted air and drink poor quality water

– To humiliate ordinary people: Under the totalitarian system of the CCP, which has no moral bottom line, ordinary people cannot be financially independent and everything is not easy without networks; poverty is not only a label of slavery, but also humiliation.

The CCP has cheated the Chinese people and oppressed them for over 70 years, it’s time to wake up! At the moment when the CCP is about to exit the stage of history, join the Whistle Blower Movement and fight for liberty, democracy and rule of law.

Editor: XO酱

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