Linda in USA received a phone call from a policeman in China


Author:HMLY Sakura Group-小雨rain

This is a very common story which happens in China everywhere every day.

I told you this story because I want to give my big thanks to American people.

Linda visited her son in USA in July 2020. She received a phone call in Dec 2020 from a policeman in China.

The policeman asked her if Linda said something in We Chat group.

Linda immediately realized that she posted her opinion about the Moving-out Notice in Jan 2020.

The community that Linda lived in contains almost 4000 owners. They all received the Notice demanding all the owners must move out in six months because the developer did not pay the tax and the owners have the related responsibilities.

Linda and the other owners lived in this community for eight years!  They obtained all permits and paid off all fees and taxes upon possession.  

All the owners have communications in their WeChat.

Linda strongly objected the Notice asking them to move out in wechat.

Very commonly very surprisingly, only 2 persons dared saying No. All the rest owners are so scared and kept quiet without speaking and doing anything.

Linda is so inspired by the spirit of the American people in USA. Every individual has their own gut and freedom to speak out even though most of medias shutting them up.

Don’t blame those quiet Chinese people because everybody knows that this community will be toren down and changed into a new developer with higher officials holding more power.  Be quiet otherwise you and your family members will be arrested and tortured ……

Story will be more dramatic and shocking continuing ……

Linda’s family was force to move into a new place in May 2020.

Linda returned to China from USA in January 2021.

Linda’s husband picked her up from the airport and drove her to the new apartment. Linda just started to take a shower and the doorbell rang.

Her husband opened the door and the policeman at the door asking Linda to go to the police station with them now.

Linda’s husband told the policeman that Linda was taking the shower ……

The security surveillance connected to Linda’s cell phone already observed and followed Linda to her new place.

Linda sent out this story to her close friends …..

Linda is safe now because the social media helps most of the policemen in China realized the truth and freedom are exploited by the evil governments.

We the people help each other! Fighting! Fighting! Fighting!

It is so encouraging and inspiring that we Chinese see the American in millions are in the parade to support Donald Trump seeking freedom, religion, democracy.

Thank you Americans!

Thank you Donald Trump!

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