Mr. Guo’s Unprecedented Win Over a Law Firm, the CCP’s Subsequent Retaliation Only Proves They Are Gangsters

In the January 14, 2021 Getter video, Mr. Guo said that one of the biggest U.S. law firms withdrew from representing Mr. Guo on his political asylum case in 2017 after the firm got cyber-attacked by the CCP and hence blackmailed by it. On January 13, 2021, Mr. Guo won big in the first trial against the firm, which was unprecedented in the U.S. history. This delivers a major boost for the Take-Down-the-CCP movement.

The CCP as usual started retaliating Mr. Guo’s family and associates. This only added more proofs that the CCP has zero-kindness, zero-justice, and zero-fairness. In deed a gangster-like cult organization. 

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You know what the biggest U.S. law firm did to Miles back in 2017? The one next to the White House, the one got cyber-attacked by the CCP, and withdrew the political asylum case on me… All have been telling me that my chance of winning over this firm is nil. The threats this firm has brought on against me are paramount. Tremendous harm. For the first trial from yesterday, the opponent lost big time! A victory like this is unprecedented in the U.S. history. All have been congratulating me. I don’t care much about that. 

Meanwhile, in response to my winning the case, the CCP is at it again… Still remember what I revealed back in 2017? The firm denied that they had been hacked by the CCP. But now it has been proven [in court] they absolutely got hacked; plus, the Americans from the law firm even kowtowed to the CCP, despite this firm being one of the largest law firms in the U.S. Thankfully, the United States still has the rule of law, and judges. This nation always gives you a glimmer of hope, whatsoever. 

Yesterday, in parallel, the CCP’s Dalian court sent an enforcement notice to Yuda Int’l in Zhengzhou. According to the Dalian’s adjudication, the fine of 13 billion means they will put our Yuda up for auction. See… For the past few years, whenever I won big, the CCP surely responded by taking it out on our extended families, and business associates, former or current. Absolutely gangsters! A big setback from our side here triggers a big celebration on the other side. Forever so… This has never changed for the past few years. 

Even the Americans have detected the pattern. When I raised the issue of the Yuda enforcement notice to U.S. gov. agencies, they said, “Wow, clock work, every time!” It’s as if whenever I expose those bastards to the world to see, they retaliate by hitting our kids and our compatriots. Some Chinese [CCP] are just like this – whenever foreigners criticize the Communist Party, they will retaliate by punishing the Chinese people. This organization is absolutely gangster-like and cruel. A cult organization that has zero-kindness, zero-justice, let alone any chance of fairness! 

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