I Am The Resistance

A poem by Jin Wang
Boldly talking
Rebelliously walking
The perpetuity of the lingering living dead
Defiantly fighting the wasteland of devils and thorns
That stretches haphazardly throughout this sacred and blessed land
Of the spreading disease
That is their terminal misery and despair
Of rudimentary creatures
Bottom dwellers of that vile swamp they breed
The snake eyes of power, control and greed
As the Godspeed of Light
Traverses the dark
And surrounds me with the karmic
Golden shards of its enlightening prism of Hope and Faith

I hear the howling that prattles nonsense incessantly
Spinning truth into lies
Silencing all that stand in their way
Seeding fear to keep you blind
Shame and punish if you disobey
The hatred that they serve
Only to rile and divide
Behind the masks from which they cower and hide

A world in need of healing
Of the psychic wounds of the Earth’s fragile skin
Quaking with such impatience and irritation
To form a Roaring Tumultuous Storm
Unlike the likes of anything ever seen before
The Catastrophic Doom
Of those drinking the fermented poison
Blindly Drunk
Into the bottomless cup of such empty
Perennial bloom

Like sacrificial ashes
Strewn across the dark vastness
Of unexplored time and space
The Void Delivers
The Reincarnation Begins
To These Last Words

Truth Will Rise
Courage Will Restore
Light Will Shine
Forever More...

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1 month ago

“A world in need of healing, truth will rise. Courage will restore.” Very powerful and beautiful poem,.

1 month ago

Truth will rise! Light will shear through the darkness. Thank you for the beautiful poem and picture.

1 month ago


1 month ago

Yes, Truth will rise, Courage will restore and Light will shine forever more👏👏✊✊✊

1 month ago

What a beautiful poem !thank you Jin wang for those powerful words! It makes me feel more strength and light up the world! Thank you again!🙏🙏🙏❤️