Enforced Transfer of Over 20,000 People in China Because of the CCP Virus

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According to a report on January 12th 2021 from CCTV News (the central media of the communist government), in Shijiazhuang City people in villages with confirmed cases were transferred in order to quarantine them in concentration places. 

Image: twitter @wuwenhang

Another media Chinanews estimated that over 20,000 people from 12 villages were transported away in full buses. The action was performed under the order of local police. Since the first case was confirmed on Jan. 2nd, these villages had been kept in isolation with heavy iron gates and fences. Until Jan. 10th there were officially 265 cases in total in Hebei province. 

Image: TikTok (Chinese were moving to another place for the quarantine in the villages of Shi Jia Zhuang of China )

In the announcement it was clearly stated: “One has to take the consequence if he disobeys the order.” (In China it means very probably he will be thrown into a prison.) People leaved their home unwillingly, on the way to unknown places. 

Last year in Wuhan those people, who were considered as suspected cases with symptom, were kept in concentration places for quarantine by the communist government. Until now an authentic amount of death in Wuhan last year remains unknown. However, emptying the whole villages becomes the newest way reported in China to deal with the Covid-19 virus. It is so far unclear what would happen to these people. 

Anyway, forcedly emptying villages and isolating people in concentration places seem like unacceptable, even under the name of protecting people from the virus, neither effective nor humanistic. It is contradictory to the commonly known efficacious methods like avoiding contact and keeping distance with others in public places. The true reason of this action is a mystery, like many other things done by the communist government.    

Reference:  https://gnews.org/zh-hans/744415/

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