Whoever Persecuted Our GTV and G-Series Investors Will be Held Accountable

Mr. Miles Guo in his January 11, 2021 Getter Video gave GTV and G-Series investors in mainland China two advices and let them be safe and keep the evidence if they are threatened and forced to make fake videos and file false lawsuits to frame GTV. He warned those who worked for the CCP: “You are humans, not animals or devils. You will not have the same right as the old motley thieves in Zhongnan Pit. You will get nothing. Be smart!”

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Brothers and sisters, there are two things today. First of all, brothers and sisters, many investors of GTV, including the investors of G-series, are now being inquired and threatened by the so-called domestic national security officials and police officers. They were then forced to fake videos and file false lawsuits in the U.S. 

Brothers and sisters, I have only two advices for you. The first one is to do whatever they ask you to do. Please remember, write what they ask you to write and cooperate with them the way they ask you to. Give your safety, your family’s safety and life, and your personal freedom the highest priority. This is the first advice: do whatever they ask you to do, for the sake of your family… write what they ask you to write, tell them everything they ask. Do not hide anything. This is the first suggestion.

Second, please remember, my fellow fighters, try your best to preserve their information, even it is just a telephone number, a bit personal information or basic information about them and send them to us, to the farm that you are familiar with and trust, or to the Alliance Committee of the Whistleblower Movement, which is the Himalaya Farm Alliance Committee, or to our Himalaya Embassy Discord, or to me. That will be enough.   

I assure you, all the people who threatened you, tortured you during the interrogation, or forced you will not succeed in the false lawsuits or anything like that; rather, they will make your future full of possibilities. Brothers and sisters, please remember what I said. I have communicated with relevant government agencies. As long as there is evidence…even if it is just a telephone number, an audio record, or a few words, I promise that we can dig out who that person is. All of his families and relatives’ properties overseas will be seized, and they will be held accountable. Do you get it, brothers and sisters? The key is to be cautious, be cautious, and be cautious.   

If it is not safe, don’t send the information, just keep it. This is your fortune. I am telling you again, brothers and sisters. Nobody can take away your money, not even a penny, and nobody can force you to do anything that you are unwilling to do. This is the value of having the GTV, GNews, and G-series in the U.S. Even the U.S. President, even 100 Presidents, wouldn’t be able to take a penny away from you. In the West, private property is inviolable, which is as sacred as God. No one can take it away. I cannot, God cannot, even 10 thousand Miles Guo cannot take it. This is the first thing that I am telling you today. 


So far, our biggest and most powerful strike to the CCP is the investment of GTV during that time. Within a short two to three weeks, G-Coin, as well as our G-Dollar, took in 1.6 to 1.7 billion dollars in cash. In the end, the total investment and intended investment were 46 billion dollars in cash. This has never happened in the history of the CCP, and it’s not something they are capable of. This is the power of our Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China.

So then they forced many of our current Whistleblower Movement on the Internet…at this very moment there are fellow fighters on their way to make false videos and file false group lawsuits claiming that we commit fraud. They even framed our fellow fighters and claimed that this is a political fundraising that Miles Guo did for American politicians. This group of ba*tards also orchestrated fake cases in Los Angeles, the so-called fake political asylum cases and a series of fabrications. Please remember, fellow fighters, our Whistleblower Movement always sticks to the truth and fact. However, we shall turn others’ deceptions and crimes into our strength. Their frauds and fears are our weapons. I have being saying that since 2017.

In these few days, the CCP will take a series of actions such as sentencing, arresting, and suppressing. Look at them, they are trying to save the failing CCP economy, the fake (rolling pin) economy before its collapse. The only way they have is to kill and arrest more people so that they can intimidate everyone to the degree that you don’t even dare to withdraw money from the bank. This is the CCP. This group of ba*tards, this group of old motley thieves in Zhongnan Pit, your time is over! You are done! You ba*tards! Members of the CCP, if you have a bit wisdom, if you have wives, children, families, or the elders, you should know what to do. Think about the time when the CCP issued and circulated the Chinese gold and silver yuan. When the CCP is taken down, which type of people will stay alive? You are humans, not animals or devils. You will not have the same right as the old motley thieves in Zhongnan Pit. You will get nothing. Be smart! 

Acknowledgment: Thanks to Caihongqiao for making the Chinese transcript available at https://gnews.org/zh-hans/741370/ 

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