01/14/2021 Nigel Farage, an Anti-CCP Ally, Does Not Regret to Endorse President Trump

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On January 14, one day after the House voted to impeach President Trump for the second time, Nigel Farage, made this video clip to express his support to President Trump as he always does and condemned the Democrats, “carrying on with this impeachment is a terrible mistake and martyring Trump is a dreadful mistake.” In an interview with UK’s Talk Radio (included), Farage showed he said 5 times of no regret in backing up President Trump for the past 4-year and gave convincing reasons.

Nigel Farage, a British politician, is the leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP) and the so-called, “leader of the Brexit Party”.

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But much more importantly I think, by going through this impeachment process, they are making a very bad mistake. And it’s a bad mistake because, as Winston Churchill said, “Be magnanimous in victory”, they’re doing the opposite. They’re being as vindictive as they possibly can. And it shows every sign that they will go on doing that.

If you add to that, what happened on social media over the course of the last few days, the Twitter ban on the President. For argument’s sake, you’re leading into a very dangerous situation. And I say that because Trump has been the voice of tens of millions of American voters. They’re people who have absolutely no trust in mainstream media. They’re people whose now distrust of social media is growing very quickly, they’re people who see Washington DC as being far removed from their lives, their thoughts, their hopes, and their aspirations.

In fact, they see Washington DC; they see the Swamp as actually being their enemy. And Trump was their voice, and if you martyr Trump, if that’s what the establishment does, not only do they put him in the eyes of tens of millions into some form of sainthood, but they leave them to a situation where with a silence Trump something else will come along and head up those tens of millions of people.

And I think there’s a real danger here. A real danger that somebody far worse in the Democrats’ eyes than President Trump will come along as a big political figure, a real danger that you see an organized far-right political party in the USA as they split off from the Republicans, and a real danger that a non-acceptance of legitimacy, a complete refusal to accept the way that their president has been silenced and impeached will lead to chaos and disorder continuing in America.

There is a real danger that this impeachment leads to greater division in a country that’s already got these problems. And because of that I genuinely believe that the Democrats are making a historic mistake. And this impeachment won’t help. And sadly, the events of the 6th of January and what’s happened since it’s designed of course that is seen and thought to be Trump’s legacy. The truth is, it’s a very different legacy. Now I’ve been of been one of the few voices consistently here in the United Kingdom backing up the President and backing up his agenda.

I was asked this morning on Talk Radio. Did I regret supporting him and endorsing him during that 4-year period and this is what I had to say:

Ask: Do you regret endorsing him?


Do I regret endorsing somebody who was done more in the Middle East to bring peace than anybody else in living memory? No!

Do I regret backing somebody who was pro-Brexit, was anti-the globalist agenda that we see from the European Union and other organizations? No!

Do I regret backing somebody who actually has the courage and vision to understand what the Chinese Communist Party wants to do in this world? No!

Do I regret backing somebody who through deregulation and other measures helps tens of millions of small and medium-sized businesses men and women all across America to get on with their lives? No!

Do I regret backing an American President who actually likes our country and the English-speaking world? No!

His styles are his comments at times a bit rich for the blood. Well, of course, they are. He is the outsider, he is the disrupter, and I think it’s actually very sad that his presidency is ending this way. Because actually, he achieved a lot in those four years.

You see it was 4 years in which he achieved a huge amount. And I remember meeting him on the 29th of February last year, the Leap Day. And for all the world he was going to win a landslide general election. That is how good a shape the U.S. economy was in. That is how much people respected a President, not endlessly going to war.

So, I do think I was right to back him and support him. I regret bitterly that it’s ending in this way. I still don’t think you can afford to write him off. Because he’s one of these amazing people, he’s resilient and he can bounce from almost anything. But I repeat the point, carrying on with this impeachment is a terrible mistake. Martyring Trump is a dreadful mistake. That will do America far more harm than it’ll do it good.

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