【Focus】Behind the Social Media Blocking President Trump

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After the riots happened in the Capitol Hill, technology giants such as Facebook and Twitter, under cover of mainstream media, framed President Trump for inciting violence and permanently banned his accounts. Subsequently, the stock prices of the two companies declined sharply. Comparing the reactions of the two social media companies and fake media in the Black Lives Matter last year, we can see the CCP’s manipulation of American social media.

On May 25 last year, a black citizen George Floyd’s death triggered widespread protests against racial discrimination in the United States. Under the instigation of the mainstream media and leftist politicians, the Black Lives Matter Movement has risen again along with the Antifa movement backed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). According to a Daily Mail report on June 30, because Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg did not restrict President Trump’s “controversial, inflammatory and inaccurate postings”, many advertiser clients joined the boycott of social media networks. Facebook’s stock price fell sharply in two days and its market value was evaporated by nearly $60 billion. The report stated: “The social media giant is facing a defection of advertisers tired of the racist and violent posts spreading through the social network. Among the long list of companies are Starbucks who have halted advertising on all social-media platforms. A long list of companies have pulled advertising from Facebook Inc in support of a campaign that called out the social media giant for not doing enough to stop hate speech on its platforms.”

According to the Daily Mail report, Ford had also banned all social media advertising in the next 30 days. Other multinational companies participating in the boycott movement included Pepsi, Unilever, Adidas, Coca-Cola, HP, Lululemon, Clorox, Verizon, etc. Facebook earns about 70 billion U.S. dollars from advertising each year, which has forced Zuckerberg to bow to these advertisers to announce new policies on the Facebook platform, including labelling the so-called “harmful” posts from public figures, and more strict restrictions are imposed.

Unfortunately, President Trump is the “public figure.” Although Zuckerberg did not directly mention President Trump’s name, but it is clear that this policy was aimed at President Trump’s upcoming election campaign. From that moment on, Facebook imposed more strict restrictions on the campaign advertisements of President Trump’s team and “misinformation” in its so-called inflammatory posts. At the same time, Twitter also began putting warning labels on some of President Trump’s tweets, calling them “insults or threats.”

It can be seen that these social media giants may be just marionettes on the front, who are actually controlled by multinational companies. Behind the scene, these social media giants and multinational companies is are at the mercy of the CCP.

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Many people may not have noticed that after Facebook and Twitter permanently closed President Trump’s account after January 6, the two companies’ stock prices also experienced a cliff-like drop. But this time, people rarely see some relevant reports in the mainstream media, and no major international company has come forward to declare that it will stop advertising cooperation with social media platforms.

Because of the ban on President Trump’s social accounts, investors start dumping their shares of the two social media giants. On Monday, Facebook’s stock price plunged 4.5%, and its market value was wiped out $33.6 billion when it came to an intraday low point. And the stock price of Twitter even declined 10% on the same day, which was a $3.2 billion falling, and the trend of stock price continues to decline.

As President Trump is determined to repealing Section 230, the social media giants have completely abandoned the freedom of speech that a democratic society depends on, and desperately blocked conservatism and the voice of truth. At the same time, we can also see that the contest behind this ultimate battle is not just economic wrestling. It is more about totalitarians trying to control a democratic society’s voice channels. This is a game between autocracy and democracy, which is more a battle between justice and evil.

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