Germany’s new corona death hits record high

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On January 14, German health authorities reported 1,244 deaths related to New Coronavirus infection in the last 24 hours. This is the highest number since the start of the New Coronavirus pandemic to date. Currently, the total number of deaths related to new coronavirus infections in Germany stands at 43,881, and the total number of confirmed cases has increased to nearly 2 million. Since Monday, the government has required the wearing of FFP2 (equivalent to N95 level) masks in public transport and retail stores in some parts of Germany.

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) believes it would be wise to further tighten Germany’s lockdown regulations. RKI epidemiologist Dirk Brockmann says model calculations conclude that minimal social exposure is what will allow the incidence to drop quickly and dramatically, and RKI president Lothar Wieler agrees that strengthening current infection protection measures is an option. So far, a “complete lockdown” has not been achieved, and many exceptions remain.

There is also a lot of concern on the economic side. Germany’s economic performance has plummeted in the new coronavirus period during 2020. The Federal Statistical Office announced on Thursday in a preliminary estimate that Germany’s gross national product (GDP) contracted significantly by 5.0 percent compared to the previous year.

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