Mr. Trump, I Still Firmly Believe You Are the Chosen One

Author: Ning Que ;Translator:John Cena;Proofreading: ThomasH;Editor: Bluesky;Page: Rain

Nobody believed that you could be elected during the presidential election in 2016, because your opponent was Hilary, who has immersed herself in politics for many years, and whose husband is the former President of the U.S. Since then, you’ve been fighting alone in close combat against the deep state – proxy of the darkest forces of the world. In the end, beyond everyone’s expectations, you did it and became the new President of the United States. If not for a miracle, there is no other way that this could have possibly happened.

Winning the presidential election was just the start of the battle between good and evil. For the past four years, you have fought the deep state time and again and accomplished the impossible every single time. As a devoted believer, you have repeatedly proclaimed God’s miracles to the people, making these beasts in human skin panic. Only with your endeavor, could the people of the world see the lurking behemoth that is the deep state emerging from behind the scenes to the front stage. The entire world has watched them do evil, baring fangs, and brandishing claws.

Before this presidential election, you and the whistleblower movement collectively exposed the evidence of the CCP’s BGY strategy (Blue-Gold-Yellow secret infiltration campaign), targeting American officials and politicians. The deep state candidate had no chance of winning because he was so weak and morally degraded, but they broke the rules with no bottom line and manipulated the election. The American people have been completely awakened, so have the Chinese people. Unfortunately, they have all been deprived of the opportunity of making their voices heard in their own country and media.

As a slave who lives under CCP’s tyranny, like all other slaves of the CCP, I have no power of resistance under the red sickle and the iron hammer. Under the all-pervading surveillance, oppression, and control, I have been looking forward to the demise of the CCP regime every day while submitting to humiliation. But this is just a distant dream because, in the past few decades, the interests of the CCP and the deep state of the United States have been heavily bounded, making my wishes seem increasingly elusive.

You spent four years to have the CCP by the throat while resisting the ubiquitous pressure of the deep state. To this day, the Chinese Communist Party has reached the point of its last breath, rolling eyes and throwing up foams. As soon as your re-election becomes a reality, the CCP will possibly draw its last breath at once. This is the ultimate reason why they united to prevent you from being re-elected.

God saw all the injustices in this election. I am glad to know that you have never given up on the mission given by God and have no thoughts of giving up or surrendering. At this seemingly hopeless moment when all stand mute, I still firmly believe that you are the chosen one. God will once again extend his hands to send you to the President’s throne, cut the chains of interest between the deep state and the CCP, complete the historical mission of ending the CCP’s tyranny, and alter the direction of the human civilization.

Even if the dreams of the whole world are turned upside down, I am not discouraged. Mr. Trump, you are the God-chosen one!

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1 year ago

Tj, Biden has been BGYed by the ccp. .. obviously

1 year ago

To the author – I am sorry, but Trump is a liar (in my opinion) and opportunist. he is done. Time for biden to come in and hopefully he can deal with the CCP

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