Trump Administration Set to Present ‘Bombshell’ Evidence Linking Covid-19 to Wuhan Research Lab

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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is planning to stage an ‘intervention’ to reveal top-secret intelligence that the coronavirus was originally leaked from the Wuhan laboratory, and its scientists have links to the Chinese Army, the Sun reports.

On Monday 11 Jan, the White House issued an enigmatic statement that, “The world cannot continue to pay heavy prices for its naiveté and complicity in Beijing’s irresponsible and harmful practices – whether it is ending the rule of law in Hong Kong or not cooperating with health officials on the pandemic.” and that “The United States is examining further options to respond.”

Last week, it was reported that top US National Security Officials still consider a lab leak to be the most credible theory regarding the original of Covid-19. This is said to have been bolstered by the testimony from a whistleblower who formerly worked in the Wuhan lab.

The development is echoed by officials across the Atlantic – a UK government source added that there has been “increased chatter” that President Trump and Mike Pompeo are ready for a devastating full-on charge against the Chinese Communist Party over their handling of the outbreak, as well as the World Health Organization (WHO) for being complicit.

Members of Parliament in the UK have called on the government to “take seriously” reports linking the Wuhan lab to the coronavirus outbreak.

The Wuhan lab had held a coronavirus sample that was 96.2% identical as Covid-19 for nearly a decade, and received a shipment of several world’s deadliest pathogens just weeks before the outbreak. It is also common knowledge that the lab conducted experiments that involves tampering with natural pathogens and mutating them to make them more infectious.

Despite appeals from multiple governments, scientific institutes, and prominent researchers, the Chinese Communist Party government has declined all requests to investigate the Wuhan lab to date.

Li-Meng Yan, in the spotlight for accusing the government of the People’s Republic of China of concealing the 2019 coronavirus disease outbreak after traveling to the United States in late April 2020


It has now been close to a year since the whistleblower movement first warned the world about the novel human-to-human transmittable Covid-19 virus outbreak in China. The outbreak quickly developed into a global pandemic, and undoubtedly affected almost everyone on the planet. Millions have contacted the virus and passed away. Most people had to drastically change their ways of life, such as working or studying remotely, wearing PPE on a daily basis, and not seeing their friends and family. The global economy was also badly hit, with people losing their jobs, businesses closing down, and buildings left empty.

A year later, while the rest of the world continues to suffer from both direct and indirect impacts of the pandemic, the CCP government has claimed a ‘victory’ against the virus and started taunting the western governments for their supposedly ‘ineffective’ responses. However, in reality, it was the CCP that deliberately held back on the information regarding the deadly virus at initial stages of the outbreak, causing the virus to spread exponentially. Furthermore, the ‘domestic success’ at containing the spread of the virus in China is a product of the CCP-controlled media reporting. It came at the dictatorship-style governance cost whereby entire buildings can be sealed off for weeks if any of the residents is tested positive, with no freedom of movement and limited access to food and water.

Despite the collective efforts from scientists from all over the world, there is still much we do not understand about the virus, such as why it mutates so quickly, why it causes different symptoms with varying level of severity on different people, and indeed, where did it come from. The CCP government has been notoriously secretive about the origin of the virus, having blamed it on a wildlife market and even American soldiers. There have been many legitimate suspicions from governments and scientific institutions worldwide that Covid-19 is not a natural virus; instead, it came from a laboratory. The theory is supported (not exclusively) by the fact that: the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which locates at the city where the outbreak began, hosts some of the world’s deadliest coronavirus samples that are very similar to Covid-19; the laboratory received a shipment of samples not long before the start of the outbreak; many of its scientists have ties with the CCP army. Moreover, a few months ago, Dr. Limeng Yan and the whistleblower movement produced several detailed scientific reports demonstrating why the Covid-19 virus is likely man-made and its probable synthesis process.

However, despite the overwhelmingly compelling arguments to support the theory, CCP has denied all requests from foreign organizations to conduct investigations at the Wuhan lab. Remarkably, the well-supported suspicion that Covid-19 originated from the lab was largely depicted as a ‘conspiracy theory’ by not only CCP media, but also western mainstream media. It goes to show the degree of CCP-corruption within MSM. On the other hand, although the Trump administration has repeatedly attempted to bring this topic to the public’s attention, he has met much resistance from the CCP-bought deep state politicians from both the Republican and Democrat parties, who even managed to pull off a blatantly fraudulent election which sees Biden being inaugurated in a week.

Nevertheless, in a shocking development, Trump, Pompeo and their associates are now ready to release ‘Bombshell’ evidence that directly reveals the Wuhan lab’s involvement with the release of the virus. This will be an instrumental step in holding the CCP responsible for the countless.

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1 year ago

WHEN ARE THEY going to release all this evidence? I have waited and waited for everything… bioweapon, trump to win, all the dirt.. nothing! I really think Trump is lying guys, we need to snap out of this

1 year ago

Ok so proof China was behind it. How will that oust the Democrats and put Trump back in charge?
He needs to release ALL the dirt on the Democrats. Result would be a political supernova!

1 year ago
Reply to  crazysquirrel

The problem is WHERE is the evidence?

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