01/13/2021 Jim Jordan: They Are Trying Again

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This morning in the US House, there is a rush vote for the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump at 6 days from the end of his first term as the 45th President of the United States. 

Remarks from Jim Jordan, a Republican Congressman of Ohio said well about the reason for this round 2 Impeachment and made a beautiful summary of President achievement for his first 4-year as the President of the United States. 


(Entire 4 minutes speech at https://twitter.com/JudiciaryGOP/status/1349413999260168192)

Nineteen minutes! Nineteen minutes 4 years ago in the Inauguration Day on Jan 20, 2017. Nineteen minutes into President Trump’s administration at 12:19 p.m., the Washington Post headline was “Campaign to Impeach President Trump Has Begun. “

And now just one week left, they’re still trying. In seven days, there will be a peaceful transfer of power just like there has been every other time in our country. 

But Democrats are going to impeach President Trump again. 

This doesn’t unite the country. There’s no way this helps the nation deal with the tragic and terrible events of last week that we all condemned. And Republicans have been consistent. We condemned all the violence all the time. We condemned last summer, and we condemned last week. We should be focused on bringing the nation together. Instead, Democrats are going to impeach the president for a second time one week, one week before he leaves office. 

Why? Why?

Politics and the fact that they wanted to cancel the President.

[He is] the President who cuts taxes, the President who reduces regulations, and the president who, prior to COVID, had the greatest economy and lowest unemployment for 50 years. 

The President got us out of the Iran deal, put the embassy in Jerusalem, brought hostages home from North Korea, put three great Justices on the Supreme Court, gave us a new NAFTA agreement, the Abraham Accords, the COVID vaccines, and built the Wall.

It’s about politics! This is about getting the President of the United States!

They spied on his campaign before he was elected. Nineteen minutes into his presidency, they started the impeachment push – a 3 -year Mueller investigation, 19 lawyers, 40 agents, 500 Witnesses, 2500 subpoenas, and 40 million dollars to find nothing….

Impeachment round one based on an anonymous whistleblower with no first-hand knowledge who was biased against the President and who worked for Joe Biden.

Now it’s impeachment round 2. It’s always been about getting the president no matter what. 

It’s an obsession – an obsession, that is now broadened and not just about impeachment anymore. It’s about canceling, as I’ve said – canceling the president and anyone that disagrees with “them”.

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