Highlights of Lude Media (Morning)-Jan 13, 2021

Himalaya Toronto Maple Leaf, Jojo

• Xi Jinping planned to take 13 days for recovery. And today is the 13th day. If he doesn’t appear in public in the next few days, his position in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) will be threatened.

o The current lockdown in Beijing is definitely not for COVID-19.

• Yesterday, the U.S. Department of State announced that they are going to cancel “all planned travel this week, including the Secretary’s trip to Europe, due to presidential transition. Therefore, a visit to Taiwan is also unlikely to happen.

o Dr. Mo believes that this move absolutely does not mean the U.S. is surrendering to the CCP’s threat.

o As we all know that the President of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-wen, is Biden’s supporter. Mr. Miles Guo has warned us before Taiwan can’t be trusted.

o Mr. Lu De points out the world leaders who are supporting “the Great Reset” will not meet Secretary Pompeo now. And this can also test who is on the side of justice.

• Secretary Pompeo just tweeted this morning: “One week from today, I will be stepping aside as Secretary of State and this account will be archived. Be sure to follow me @mikepompeo. Go do it now.”

o By asking for following his personal account, Secretary Pompeo showed his commitment to fight until the end.

• Mr. Lu De provides an in-depth explanation of how to break the spell of the “Great Reset”: the roles of Elon Musk and Westinghouse Electric play in this are very important.

o Once some of Elon Musk’s projects (such as the Starlink project) are fully completed, they will solve a number of issues that humanity is currently facing with energy supply, communication, and technology. Mr. Miles Guo owns 50% of “Arab-Chinese Foundation” that funded Tesla and SpaceX.

o Westinghouse’s nuclear technology also offers an alternative solution to the energy supply problem.

o In conclusion, the technology the forces of good owns is definitely more advanced than evil forces. All enslaved human beings can be freed from the forces of darkness soon.

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