Can the Three China Telecom Companies Avoid Delisting?

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Investors expect the policies put into motion by Donald Trump or Joe Biden following the election will reverberate across the US equities market. © FT montage; Getty Images; Bloomberg; Reuters

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1. January 4, EST. NYSE announced that it no longer intends to move forward with the delisting action regarding three Chinese telecom companies’ issuers; these three issuers will continue to be listed and traded on the NYSE. NYSE Regulation will continue to evaluate the applicability of Executive Order 13959 to these Issuers and their continued listing status. Hong Kong-listed shares of China Mobile soared 5.13% while China Unicom surged 8.5%. China Telecom’s stock jumped 3.35%.

2. January 4, 2021, London. FTSE Russell announces cutting from indexes after U.S. blacklist three more China firms that have ties to PLA (Chinese People Liberation Army). China United Network Communications, Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC) and Nanjing Panda Electronics will be deleted from FTSE Russell’s FTSE Global Equity Index Series and the FTSE Global China A Inclusion Indexes from Thursday.


1. On December 31, 2020, the NYSE announced to start the process of delisting securities of three major telecom operators of the CCP. The delisting is based on Executive Order 13959 signed by the President of the United States on November 12, 2020, barring U.S. investments in Chinese firms owned or controlled by CCP military, effective from January 11, 2021. What a happy-new-year gift from The NYSE to CCP! However, to everyone’s shock, the delisting plan was reversed by NYSE abruptly after only a few days. This shows that the CCP has what it takes to intervene in the United States’ internal affairs, and it can prevent President Trump’s executive orders from being executed. The dark axis alliance between CCP and factions within the United States are still betting on Biden’s election, in hopes of him overturning President Trump’s executive orders in the future and continuing to “transfuse” the CCP in the capital market, and walk toward the CCP in the CCP dubbed path of “common prosperity”, which is in reality “common slavery”.

2. After the Hong Kong stock market closed on January 5, China Telecom rose by 3.35%, China Mobile rose by 5.13%, and China Unicom rose by 8.5%. Take China Unicom, with the highest growth rate, as an example (as shown in the figure below); the stock price opened low on January 4 as the news of the NYSE delisting sinks. However, the downward trend faltered, a magical hand seemed to be holding the stock price, and the price rallied up in the afternoon, closing the gap of that day. China Unicom closed at +0.45% with a trading volume of 239 million shares that far exceeded the average daily trading volume of around 50 million shares since December. Judging from the stock price trend on January 4, it did not show signs of great resistance; on the contrary, a lot of funds were “optimistic” about China Unicom, and they bought substantially, allowing the stock price to close in the positive near the daily support position. It almost appears that President Trump’s executive order has not transpired. On January 5, China Unicom opened 2.5% lower; the stock price began to rise after some long orders were stopped. With the NYSE delisting news, China Unicom’s share price began to soar, with the highest intraday increase of 10.74%, and 292 million shares were traded that day.

3. Judging from the stock market movement, it is evident that the CCP has made ample preparation beforehand by rigging the market to invalidate President Trump’s executive order. CCP entered the market when the price dipped and waited for the NYSE announcement the next day to send the stock price soaring. With one stone, CCP killed three birds: muscle-flexing, making a fool of President Trump, and pocketing a load of money.

4. While the NYSE played both hands and cooperated with the CCP, index provider FTSE Russell continued to delist China’s concepts stocks and resolutely implemented President Trump’s executive order. China Unicom is one of the stocks kicked out of the FTSE index. The financial battleground between China and the United States has extended into every corner of the world. In the near future, more and more major financial institutions and companies have to make a decision between the CCP camp and the anti-CCP camp.

5. The war between CCP and the United States has entered a critical phase. Wax and wane are but a common occurrence. The whole journey of taking down the CCP is like that of a great movie, the protagonist has gone through numerous hardships and vicissitudes, but in the end, he will triumph by killing his opponent with one last blow. He who laughs last laughs best. Those three major CCP telecom operators are temporarily stopped from delisting helped more people see the evil and vast reach of the CCP, which will only speed up the great awakening of public opinion and encourage the justice alliance to take down the CCP. The wall’s writings tell the endings of the China concepts stocks, delisting, and huge fines in endless lawsuits.

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