The Highlights of Mr. Miles Kwok’s Broadcasting on January 7, 2021

Dictation:Panding、Cathy|Translator:Polly|proofreading:Yi Xu

1.What happened from yesterday till now was nothing unexpected. The CCP is truly world-class masters in using infiltration to make other people commit crimes.

It was only us who have accurately told people about what happened between yesterday and now. It is inevitable, and it definitely doesn’t fall outside of our predictions. We need to pay attention to the two Vice Presidents. This U.S. election is not an election between Trump and Biden, but one between the U.S. and the CCP. It is also not an election between Democrats and Republicans – it is one between justice and evil, between cowardice and bravery, rather than between political parties. It is also between the rule of law and anarchy. Was there still the law in the U.S. Capitol yesterday? Can we see any law there? The procedure was just there to fool the public. Was yesterday about the election between Biden and Trump? It is only about the two Vice Presidents. This is the key and the crux of the matter. You need to know how to see the plot of the show.

Four people died yesterday; may they rest in peace. Thomas Jefferson once said the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with patriots’ blood. The blood of democracy fighters paves the path to survival. The CCP is skillful at infiltration, making use of the weakness of their enemies. During the past three years of the Whistle-blower Movement, the CCP has trapped us repeatedly with this strategy. Once you fall for it, you are over. Yesterday during President Trump’s speech, as soon as he mentioned that he would arrive in Washington on January 6, I warned a few American friends that something big would happen on January 6. There would be shooting, and people would die, and it would be all blamed on President Trump. But my words have little weight; they wouldn’t listen. So here we are.

President Trump looked exhausted and in a horrible state when the riot took place and gave his speech. This is the worst that President Trump has looked since the night of October 4. A 74-year-old man in a terrible state. He was tricked yesterday. Can we say it is all Antifa? That’s impossible. Don’t always use conspiracy to judge what happened yesterday, but with facts. Trust the outcome. The CCP has been using these tricks throughout history, and it works every time.

In Hong Kong, there was car burning and arson, and there was June 4 in Tiananmen Square that we experienced ourselves. Across China, the CCP seized power through deception and extortion. They are the world-class master of using others to commit crimes. Look at how many of these things have been done by the CCP in the history of China. Anyone with even a minimal understanding of Chinese politics or just a little bit of conscience or wisdom would know that the CCP is a master of such deeds. What we witnessed yesterday is the ultimate war of the world, a war between evil and justice of the humanity, a war between the faithful and the faithless, or in other words, those who only believe in whoever wins will be king and whoever loses will be outcasts and those who do not believe in justice over evil, light over darkness. That was what yesterday was about. There are only a few key people who could sway this war of justice versus evil superficially speaking.

President Trump has been engaged in empty talks, reasoning and talking about the rule of law since November 3, without any actions. His speeches were always 80-minute or 2 hours long, still the same story, without any actions. This time round he encountered some real thugs. You can only fight thugs with strength, not with reason. If you tried to reason with them and got beaten up, you deserve it. On the Hong Kong issue, the U.S. adopted realism. Knowing the Communist Party’s evil, they still nurtured it and participated in the enslavement of 1,4 billion Chinese people. Today’s U.S. has become a cesspool with 70 years of China’s stinking stuff shuffled in your face. Hongkongers have never ceased their fighting with their lives and blood. The U.S. has now become yesterday’s Hong Kong.

In my video chat yesterday, I said that shots would definitely be fired if the protestors get into the Capitol. I was just short of saying that gunshots would completely change the whole picture. President Trump had some arrangements, but no plans. He had no definitive understanding of the evil of CCP. Until the last minute, even till now, Trump is still saying that President Xi is “our best friend.” Neither did he say the word CCP virus or raise the flag of taking down the CCP. Yet, he has already contributed the most in the history of the U.S. in taking down the CCP. The fighters in Hong Kong are still suffering today. Look at those around the U.S. Capitol yesterday and then think of the fighters in Hong Kong. It’s painfully difficult to fight for freedom like Hongkongers. If our Whistle-blower Movement were one-tenth of Hong Kongers, the CCP thugs couldn’t have stayed in power in China for 70 years.

In my video chat yesterday, I asked others how President Trump was feeling right now. They replied that he was shocked. I asked, “Shocked by what?”. He said he was shocked by Pence’s betrayal, by the MAGA movement being taken advantage of, and by the kindness and loyalty of the American people, which eventually resulted in hurting him. I laughed. Why? President Trump underestimated the CCP. If we ever look back one day, you’ll see that I have warned them about what would happen these days, as early as in June and July. I was very detailed about what could happen. I said if election results were still uncertain by January 6, you might attempt to ask your supporters to occupy the U.S. Capitol, or the Supreme Court, or the governments of some of the states with voter fraud. Then a Hong Kong-like incident will happen, with death, burning of people and buildings, destruction of public facilities, and even gunshots, all of which will be blamed on your MAGA. This was my original quote, which played out exactly as I said.

Attacking the federal government and occupying federal buildings are high crimes in the U.S. We can tell you now that the CCP has arranged for the new Vice President to visit China by the end of this month, which is currently undergoing legal proceedings in the U.S.

2. The Whistle-blower Movement has laid down countless seeds of light in the present darkness and greed of human nature worldwide. It’s perfectly normal to feel bewildered now.

There are a lot of evil sides to human nature. Once the system and the environment allow the evil sides to grow, a man can become a devil. That is why we need faith, and we need the rule of law. More importantly, we must believe in the power of light. The Whistle-blower Movement has laid down countless seeds of light in the current darkness and greed of human nature worldwide. No demon can completely eradicate the light and hope that we have planted. Many of our fellow warriors didn’t know yet, but you will see in the future – the power and influence of the New Federal State of China, in addition to the eight anti-CCP heroes in the U.S.

More importantly, we need to let more people in the world know about the CCP’s evil nature. Is it possible for the CCP to return to three years ago? Absolutely not. Furthermore, today, we have proven to everyone countless times that the Whistle-blower Movement is not alone. The New Federal State of China is not a fantasy between you and me or a dream. It is our faith and ideal, with tremendous support from countless forces and an unimaginable number of righteous fellow warriors.

You don’t have to look back in history for thousands of years; just look around at whatever has happened to any country or any regime around us. Politics itself is a tragedy, cultivated by blood and courage, evil and failure, conspiracy and darkness, betrayal and payback. Yet people nowadays cannot survive without it. Humanity’s need for politics is a tragedy, as politics itself is evil. Besides, we can see that the world’s most important things are politics, economics, believes, including culture. There are only two parties to politics worldwide: a party of democracy, the rule of law and freedom, which requires faith, and a party of lawlessness, devoid of democracy and freedom, which is called communism. We come from a country of 1.4 billion people, where there is no rule of law, freedom, or faith, but in constant darkness and evil. The rainclouds have cloaked the sun and the moon; darkness is eating away the sunlight. But the light will eventually overcome darkness, as this is the eternal story of human survival. We are hence repeating this process day after day.

When going through all of this, we need to ask ourselves: do we just want to sit and wait around, or forever expecting others to overcome our enemies for us like in the past 70 years? Or we just rely on others to liberate us, to give us freedom? We believed the CCP in the past. Many people later counted on Deng Xiaoping, on Jiang Zemin, on Hu Jintao, and then on Xi Jinping. After what happened in Hong Kong, some of us were counting on Hong Kong, or even dreaming of Taiwan to return to the mainland. Many of our fellow warriors somehow expect to see the demise of the CCP, reap the rewards of freedom, and get revenge, all without lifting a finger.

It is normal to feel a bit bewildered in the past few days. Feeling scared or disappointed is normal too. All greatness and courage are cultivated amongst fear and disappointment. You have reached a breakthrough point. To feel zen among all this means that you have become stronger. Don’t mind any despair, disappointment, sadness or fear, and you will eventually find yourself.

I just want to tell you all that it is a good thing to feel scared or disappointed or frightened. You will find courage and justice once you get over this hurdle. If you don’t, you will never find courage. Taking down the CCP is the huge cause!

From yesterday till today, I feel like in heaven of fire and ice. The ice is in our fellow warriors, who were all disappointed, heartbroken, and worried. I received messages from some of them: “it seems like President Trump has lost.” I received tens of thousands of messages like this. I felt really unhappy. I should, shouldn’t I? Have you ever wondered, what did you do to prevent President Trump from losing? Were you sitting around and waiting for him to win? Besides, why would you say President Trump has lost? Haven’t you seen how much he has contributed to the cause of taking down the CCP?

You seem to speak the truth. The CCP is the devil, but what did you do? What did you do when they changed the constitution? What did you do when time and again, the CCP lied to the Chinese people? What have you done in the past 70 years? Could despair and apprehension solve any problems for you? No. This time I had many Americans coming around and telling me that they believe me more and more now, and they will stand with me. No matter what happens, they will join me to take down the CCP.

The most terrible things in the world are selfishness and delusion. To what extent can you understand the amount of betrayal, crises, and harm that I have weathered through in the past three years? What you feel today comes from what you saw on the screen. You are already disappointed and scared, although you haven’t lost any assets or properties, or blood, or freedom. My fellow warriors, you have a choice under any circumstances. The Whistle-blower Movement allows you to have a choice under any circumstances. The Whistle-blower Movement doesn’t ask anything from you. We don’t ask you to sacrifice your house or land; we don’t ask for your absolute loyalty; we don’t even ask to see your actions.

I want to tell you that these 80 million Americans are our true friends. You would be foolish not to see it. We can no longer rely on Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaoping, Jiang Zemin, Hu Jintao, and Xi Jinping. Those 80 million Americans, who have faith and believe in the rule of law, will surely track down the origin of the virus, the responsible parties and who to pay for it, as well as the secret operations of the CCP behind this election. If the Whistle-blower Movement made you hesitate, doubt, or fear over this trivial matter, I cherish the friendship and the experience of fighting with you, but please, you can quickly quit. Or you can rejoin when you have time again. That’s all fine.

Yesterday we witnessed how communism divided and disintegrated the American society, built a wall of distrust among the people. Please remember, yesterday did not declare the winner or loser of the presidential election. Those 70 to 80 million Americans won’t just be silenced for the next four years or the next 13 days. The Whistle-blower Movement supports Trump and views whoever forms an alliance with the CCP as an enemy. Anyone who wants to take down the CCP is our friend. The 74 million Americans who support the MAGA movement, aren’t they all anti-CCP?

Brothers and sisters, from yesterday to now, I have seen how our fellow warriors showed outstanding qualities and insights, especially their comprehension of the matters. Some of our fellow warriors with genuine high level of understanding, saw opportunities, hope and strength for the New Federal State of China and the Whistle-blower movement. Something is going to happen on January 20, but today I won’t talk about it.

I have decided on two things from yesterday. Firstly, from now on, the Whistle-blower Movement should be extremely careful about what we say. We cannot announce certain things in advance, because this would lead to inconvenience. We will not forecast in advance again. Secondly, we will treat these 80 million American friends like our brothers and sisters, our fellow warriors. We will turn the disappointment of most of the 2.8 billion people around the world into hope for the Whistle-blower Movement and the New Federal State of China so that we will become tightly united.

We will turn the division of the West, the loss of confidence in faith, the loss of unity due to the disappearing trust among the people, and all the negative effects, into our strength. Therefore, we need to build up GTV, GNews, Gcoin, GDollar, GClub and GFashion. Many fellow warriors have asked to get Getter online on January 15, but we won’t. The quality is not up to standards now. Quite a few important people approached me yesterday, urging me to get it online, saying that they promised others that Getter would be on line on January 15. I said no because the team couldn’t make it. If we can’t do it perfectly, we are not going to put it online. They urged me to make Getter public nevertheless, but I won’t. 90% of the GTV users are Chinese. We need to reach 50% to 60% of western users if Getter were to go public, but currently, we cannot get that goal.

We cannot rush for quick success or fake our achievement. When I first said the election would come to a comical end, I was not joking. It is inevitable. But my fellow warriors, despite the long time you had to prepare for it, many of you still can’t accept such an ending. But I want to tell everyone that this is not the end. This is definitely not the end. Anyone with half a brain would see that these 80 million lonely, heartbroken and scared Americans do not have many friends to make in this world right now, other than us from the Whistle-blower Movement and the New Federal State of China.

Brothers and sisters, we are all important characters changing history and participating in the greatest transformation at this moment of human history. We are the protagonists. Brothers and sisters, as long as you believe in God, as long as you believe that the CCP must be eliminated, then there is only one thing left for you: action! We will flatten the mountains and fill the oceans that are in our way. Only with the resolution, faith, and spirit to never back down, never give up, and deliver concrete actions can we reach the land of success. The Whistle-blower Movement is our way of building the New Federal State of China, freeing 1.4 billion Chinese people, and let the Chinese people enjoy the rule of law, freedom of belief, and a decent and dignified life.

3. The U.S election has knocked U.S off its pedestal to become like China. Today’s U.S has become last year’s Hong Kong.

The biggest harm brought by the U.S. election to the American people, the western world, their lifestyle, and personal relations, is the loss of trust among the people. Secondly, compared to the rest of the world, the U.S. and its people particularly honor truth and kindness and despise evil. You can definitely feel it if you come to America. More importantly, The Americans are united and highly inclusive, with tens of thousands of religions and races living harmoniously together. This election has peaked the distrust among people, knocked U.S. off its pedestal to become like China. There is no trust among the people, not to mention falsehood, with fake news flying worldwide. With the loss of trust among the people and fake news filling the sky, they would become like the politicians who lie and deceive at the U.S. Capitol yesterday. The U.S. is no longer united but divided. They don’t honor bravery anymore, nor inclusiveness, and that’s what the CCP is dying to see. Wherever they go, the CCP divides the society, creates conflicts, takes away trust among people. Just like in the Cultural Revolution, family members sold out each other.

Segregation, betrayal, separation, suspicion. There were no inclusiveness and all exclusivities. Bravery is berated as recklessness. You must be loyal, but you cannot be brave. You must listen to the CCP, but you cannot be yourself. Yesterday we witnessed the CCP’s deep success in the U.S.; full obedience and loyalty were taken advantage of and betrayed. Faith was used as the fig leaf to cover up all the ugliness. Loyalty becomes the tool of the villains. The villains use justice to attack the owner of truth and justice. Moreover, people are divided by suspicion and deflected from the truth. Look at what communism is capable of doing!

The Western world has come to a full cycle, and you have to believe in this cycle. In the 2006 election of Gore against Bush, the Republicans took away the Democrat’s presidency. Ten plus years later, the Democrats took away the Republican’s presidency. No one has reformed the presidential election. The U.S. has assisted in making the CCP strong, including Tiananmen and June 4, and then the political manipulation of Hong Kong, and now President Trump. So, today’s U.S. has become last year’s Hong Kong.

We see from what happened in the U.S. today the immense difference between a professional politician and a businessman. If the New Federal State of China lets someone with only compassion become a politician, we will end in the wrong way. Why do the Chinese traditionally favor politicians over business people? It is extremely difficult for a businessman to acquire the qualities of a politician. Politicians must have no heart and no filter. They can turn black into white, and they can say whatever they want. They can have tens of thousands of ways to say the same thing.

I have seen too much. When leaders from the Commission for Discipline Inspection met with governors from different provinces, they always say with a bureaucratic tone of voice, “you see, you should always listen to the party (CCP) and maintain the ‘three represents'”. If they got personal with you, they would tell you just to do whatever Jiang Zemin says. Not long after that, when meeting with someone under Hu Jintao, they changed their words to “we shall always maintain a scientific and technological outlook on development.” Does this outlook have anything to do with technology? No, it is only talking about being loyal to Hu Jintao. People from the Commission for Discipline Inspection would say anything. In the end, you buy safety with money.

In the past, the leaders of the CCP were very busy, according to the old revolutionaries, before entering Beijing. What were they busy with? They traveled around the world to instigate conflicts and spread the virus. What virus? The virus of communism. They lied to people, asking them to send in their underaged children. They instigated conflicts within the nationalist party, causing the party to eventually engage in internal fights and fall apart. Its demise then followed.

What else were they busy doing? The CCP back then were all busy having affairs. They go around talking to people and the soldiers, especially the female soldiers. It was called freedom of marriage. Once in Beijing, the leaders of the central committee changed their greetings from “have you eaten?” “have you drunk” to “busy, very busy.” It is as if they would feel embarrassed if they were not busy. Being busy in bed is followed by being engaged with money. Look at Lai Xiaomin; he was busy with nothing but money and bed.

When has CCP not been like this? Do you think the U.S. is completely clean? In America, you have seen the thug nature of politicians, their ability to turn black into white. That is why there need to be faith and rule of law in the West, along with people who believe in faith and rule of law. Only with these can a country be called civilized. People need to have faith and respect the law. But unfortunately, communism came and trampled all over faith and law. It is way too difficult for a businessman to solve this problem. Businessmen like President Trump are too naïve.

It will be a long while before the 20th. In all frankness, people with wisdom and capability don’t need 13 days until the 20th; 13 minutes might be enough. Martial law is not entirely necessary. Besides, I believe in God’s will. He sees that the U.S. has not gone through enough suffering and threat, so he will not pass over the power to the U.S. yet. I believe so. Also, not enough time has been invested in taking down the CCP.

After what happened yesterday, let me ask my fellow warriors, has the amount of virus reduced after January 6? Do we have a vaccine? Has the biggest threat in human history been eradicated? Are we all immune to the virus from now on? Or we will be fine even if we get infected? Do people not care about where the virus came from anymore? Are we not tracing it back to its origin anymore? After yesterday, is the CCP’s fake economy really working now? Has it become real? After yesterday, are all societal conflicts in the U.S. solved? Is the U.S. dollar stronger now? Do we have more than enough money to spare for the whole of humanity? Is China’s economy all recovered now? Do you see my point?

I’m not xenophilic, but American’s warrior spirit of never giving in and never giving up comes from beliefs within. No matter under what circumstances, they believe in their own faith, believe in the God within, and never give up their goals and beliefs. That is why the U.S. has become the greatest light beam of humanity. The human race has reached a point of no return in the final battle between good and evil. The Americans who were hurt the most showed me the greatness of their characters and humanity. And I finally understood why the CCP always looked down on the Chinese people.

Last night I told my American friends, “You guys are too simple. You don’t need humans in the election anymore; just a few machines, Dominique, will be enough. Do you still have the face to criticize the CCP in China? You are more evil than the CCP. What you did in the U.S. was more vicious than what the CCP did. Your speeches at the U.S. Capitol yesterday was not any different from those of NPC (National People’s Congress) deputies under the CCP, lying through the teeth to put on a show to the people. My American friend replied, “Who said Trump is over and done? Who said that? We should block those naysayers.” President Trump will never give up! President Trump will never give up! Again, what we follow is not President Trump, but law and order and justice in the U.S. There are also 80 million Americans with faith and belief in the rule of law. This the Whistle-blower Movement and the New Federal State of China.

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