Dragon In The Room: Chinese people telling their true stories living under the (CCP) regime


Welcome to Dragon in the Room. This is Pili. Today, we are going to interview a young Chinese woman. We call her Xiaomei which means ‘younger sister’ in Chinese. We cannot tell you her real name because we want to protect her identity from the Chinese Communist Party (also known as the CCP) which seeks to silence and punish all critics. 

For example, the CCP holds critics in prisons, internment facilities, or forced labor camps where they are subjected to indoctrination programming another name brainwashing. 

Xiao Mei is a teacher in Mainland China, and she is also an anti-CCP activist. We will hear her story with her dad who is an indoctrinated CCP member. 

In the mind of Xiaomei’s father or to be more accurate, her father’s generation, Mao Zedong, the brutal dictator who helped bring the communists to power in China is their Almighty God. Even though Mao has died 44 years ago, he is still everywhere. If you’ve ever seen any Chinese currency, then you’ve seen Mao’s face on all these notes. Xiao Mei’s father always lectures her that she should learn more about communist theories. 

One of the reasons for this is that her father was born in a poor family but is now a member of China’s upper middle-class. He thinks his success is all thanks to the CCP itself. It’s the CCP that gave him everything not his own hand work and perseverance. But Xiao Mei saw through such propaganda because she has a VPN, which is a software that lets people access the internet freely even if they live in places like China which heavily censor it and block certain websites by the Great Firewall. 

Through the VPN, Xiao Mei learned the truth about so many atrocities committed by the CCP, and the ones it continues to carry out. She learned about what happened in Tiananmen Square in 1989 when the CCP slaughtered students protesting for democracy; and she learned what was and still is happening in Hong Kong as the CCP cracks down on young protestors who don’t want to live under its authoritarian rule and be stripped of their freedom.

Naturally, Xiaomei was shocked by what she learned because in mainland China, not so many young people know anything at all about the crimes committed by the CCP since they are of course not taught such things in school. For example, one study shows that out of 100 Beijing University students, only 15 recognized the tank man picture, which I’m sure you’ve seen before.

After learning the truth about the Tiananmen Square massacre, Xiao Mei asked her dad a question: If he was in charge of the CCP’s soldiers that day, would he still order them to kill the student protestors if she was among them? His answer came instantaneously: yes. He said he would rather sacrifice his daughter than sacrifice the whole nation. Like many ordinary Chinese people who have been brainwashed by the CCP from birth, he believes that the CCP didn’t have any options other than killing those kids to keep China safe from the terrifying threat of democracy.

More recently, when Xiao Mei’s father was bragging about how incredible the CCP is for controlling the COVID-19 outbreak, Xiaomei pointed out the truth about how the CCP is actually responsible for poisoning the world with the virus, and that it constantly lies about the data and punishes whistleblowers. 

Xiao Mei also listed many lies of the CCP dating all the way back to Mao’s reign of terror when the country was devastated by the Cultural Revolution and Great Leap Forward. Once she mentioned how Mao was actually eating lobsters and roasted piglets while were starving due to the famine, her dad lost it. He always told her the story about how Mao quit eating his favorite food, sweet pork, during those years, so Xiaomei’s father couldn’t handle hearing that that story was just a lie. The hands of Xiaomei’s father started to shake and slapped her across her face. You might ask yourself what kind of father would do such a thing and would even directly give the command for his daughter to be killed if she peacefully protested for democracy. The answer is a dyed in the wool Mao cultist very carefully nurtured by the CCP regime; a regime that teaches you that you should love the CCP more than you love your own parents. And yes, there are millions of Chinese people like Xiaomei’s father, but thankfully, there are also millions of Chinese people like Xiaomei.

Now, let’s hear more from this brave young woman herself.

Q1: Hi Xiao Mei, good to see you… I’m so sorry about what happened to you. I’m sure many people are wondering how you reacted after your father hit you, so can you tell us about what happened next?

A1: Hi, Pili. Thanks for inviting me. And yeah, I still clearly remember what I was feeling and what I was thinking at that time. After my dad slapped me, I was upset but I was also strangely calm because I knew that what happened wasn’t my dad’s fault. He is a victim of the CCP’s brainwashing. I felt that at that moment, my dad himself disappeared and it was as though he was possessed by some sort of demon. My words triggered it within him and it lashed out. And I don’t mean this in a religious way but in a psychological way, you know?

My dad loves me so much and I know it. And I also love him back, which makes me hate the CCP even more for twisting his soul so much. What happened is the CCP’s fault, and I have hope that I will fully have my dad back one day.

Q2: I have hope that will happen, too. This is what happens to people who live under the rule of a dictator. Years of brainwashing and propaganda warp people’s minds and change them. I can relate with your feelings because my mother is also very stubborn. When I showed her this book written by Mao’s personal doctor, Doctor Li, it shares the true stories of Mao’s life like Mao had so many sex slaves serving him, my mom freaked out and refused to believe that it could be him. She outright rejected even the possibility that it could be him because she was afraid of the implications of accepting such a thing.

Your dad is the same. Accepting that Mao was feasting and not fasting while Chinese people starved to death would crush him because it would mean he’s been living a lie. 

Now, can you please tell us more about your relationship with your father these days since he slapped you?

A2: We talk through WeChat sometimes. He gave me a twisted kind of apology by saying sorry, I shouldn’t have hit you even though you were wrong.”  He also told me that girls shouldn’t talk about politics and should just spend their free time drawing or painting instead.

I told him that I love him and my mom, and that I love my country too, but also that I hate the CCP because I love them and my country. But still, they don’t really understand how I could love China but not the CCP because they are brainwashed that they are one in the same. So, they still worry about me a lot because they think I am on the wrong path.

I believe that one day my dad will wake up, and I don’t regret telling my family my true thoughts and feelings even though it caused a lot of chaos in my life. I want to help my dad and the rest of my family to gradually realize the harm that the CCP has done to Chinese people and to our country.

Conclusion part:
Xiaomei, Thanks for sharing your story. Let me wrap up by saying that loving China is absolutely different from loving the dictator and the brutal regime that temporarily rules it. Xiao Mei and so many Chinese people have already woken up, and I believe that more and more people will gradually join us in waking up and realizing this simple truth.

We know that Xiao Mei’s father loves his daughter, but the CCP not only pollutes China’s air, water, and soil, but also people’s hearts and minds.

We the people want a Chinese government to stop lying to, manipulating, poisoning, and killing people in China and around the world. 

And we won’t rest until that dream becomes a reality.
Thank you for watching Dragon in the room.
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