G-fashion: Four Building Blocks To Deliver The Future Of Fashion

Since the launch in October 2020 and the fast sold-out on all inaugural collections, the potential of G-fashion is by any stretch of the imagination. As nicely described by Miles Guo, only fashion can put Confidence, Power, Beauty, Culture, Life, Respect and People together [i]and therefore break the boundaries of races, nations and colours.

We, Whistleblower community, all subscribe to this vision so we cannot help but wanting to dream about the future of fashion in our own head. Despite G-fashion is in its infancy the author has taken the liberty to start to paint some portraits about its future and hopefully stimulate discussion in preparation for the fall of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and embrace the new era of the New Federal State of China (NFSC).

World Class Fashion Styling by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Buying good clothes is one thing but how they are put together is completely another. Your outfit is self-expression [ii] because it says something about you to those around you, so it’s best to approach clothes with intention and purpose. Frankly speaking the majority of the Whistleblower community comes from a relatively low base in terms of fashion knowledge, so the initial styling advice is very much needed to implement “capacity building” to lift up the standard. 

G-fashion may attract the most acclaimed stylists to showcase how we put ourselves together with its collections and embed an authentic oriental taste because that is who we are and where we come from. But given the sheer scale of the community, the access to high quality stylist on G-fashion will never be able to meet the real demand. So imagine we can develop a self-served stylist based on Artificial Intelligence that provide you with the bespoke styling advice to help you create your personal brand and build up your confidence based on the characteristics of your face, your body profile and the occasions. This AI platform could be going beyond your personal look even into providing advice to the interior of your house and your car, basically anything visual about you to collectively build your personal image and construct a strong statement about you so that you carry your statement with confidence programmed by G-fashion and with G-fashion collections.

Social Fashion Show Everywhere and Everyday

Lifting up the fashion standard and transforming the impression of how Chinese look will be a massive task. With the help of AI styling you can showcase yourself on GTV and Getter and progressively as a fashion influencer. As a side effect the impact and brand awareness will be exponential for G-fashion. In future, there could be a dedicated badge on GTV and Getter for G-fashion where people can share their fashion life and interact with the community through a fashion theme. The AI platform may be well integrated with GTV live and you will have the option to keep changing your outfits based on AI styling scores until you are satisfied before officially broadcasting. A combined effect of G-fashion with its counterparts GTV and Getter demonstrate how synergy could be achieved across G-platforms and collectively lead the global fashion industry.

This large-scale fashion data collected will in turn empower the AI machine to provide more context-based and place-based styling advice for you offering a very unique experience.

The pandemic completely changes the world you no long need to attend a traditional fashion show to express yourself because your GTV and Getter will enable you to curate your own social fashion show everywhere and everyday.

Empower the Whistleblower Community with Co-design

There is no question that G-fashion will have the most esteemed designers as its power house. However, wouldn’t it be better if some of the design development process becomes a participatory one that involves ideation, inputs and feedback from the high fashion calibre Whistleblower individuals? Instead of feeding one-way ideas into the community from the designer, the community will have a chance to influence it and make design development process a two-way traffic.  In fact, this is exactly the way how Mr. Miles Guo is working with designers on the initial collections to date.

This is not only because any designers will experience their creative blocks at some stage but also because this enable the designers and communities to collectively contribute and shape the development and evolution of G-fashion through some level of co-design. The notion of co-design [iii] that combines the starting point and finishing point of the birth journey of any fashion piece will mean the G-fashion will have constant flow of great ideas that reflects a flavour of personal life, story and experience from its end-user community. The diversity and unquietness of its collection will therefore be very special and unparalleled.

More importantly this really give the G-fashion community the chance to participate in shaping their own fashion and jointly “make waves” in the global fashion trending horizon with top designers. It will define the commencement of an era of decentralised design as the inspiration are truly endless and boundaryless.  

Custodian or capitalisation

The design and craftmanship of G-fashion is world-class and impeccable and some will be timeless pieces with high collection values. We need to come to terms that not everyone will get their favourite collection as they wish due to limited supply compared against the vast amount of potential buyers. The lucky ones will have the options to keep the collection themselves or pass them onto the next generation or sell it to capitalise on the appreciated value of the G-fashion pieces. But how do we keep track of them and ensure its Genuity because eventually they will become valuable artworks?

The answer is block chain. Each piece and collection can be uniquely coded on blockchain to anonymously record the chain of custodian and hence the authenticity and Genuity. So these sales could be conducted in the form of auction on the blockchain to realise their market potential and at the same time protect the privacy of sellers and buyers and ensure transaction security.

As G-fashion perpetuate and grow you can finance your collection if you don’t want to sell it and gain liquidity and make collection part of your investment portfolio. Eventually G-fashion will become also a financial platform to facilitate trading and financing of these art pieces. The flow on effect would be a constant revenue stream for the G-fashion business model by charging a commission or fee for service. What this tells us is that no one really permanently owns it but a lifetime custodian of it.

Well these articulations are author’s speculation only and of course do not represent the views of the G-fashion team. Perhaps time to stop dreaming. G-fashion will ride on the success of the Whistleblower Movement and founded strongly on the base of New Federal State of China. If you have talents in anyone of the above areas, I am sure G-fashion will welcome you to join the team and make exciting things happen in this historic time.

[i] https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/gfashion-launches-global-luxury-fashion-brand-301154129.html

[ii] https://medium.com/@heidruno/why-is-personal-style-important-67beee34af3d#:~:text=Use%20your%20style%20as%20a,make%20or%20break%20an%20outfit.

[iii] https://medium.com/@thestratosgroup/co-design-a-powerful-force-for-creativity-and-collaboration-bed1e0f13d46#:~:text=Co%2Ddesign%20is%20the%20act,often%20within%20the%20design%20community.)

Author: 搬山
Editor: XO酱

Disclaimer: The views expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of GNEWS.org.

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