If the U.S. Election Is Not Rigged…..

If this U.S. election is not rigged, then in the face of 70 percent of Republicans and 30 percent of Democrats who believe in fraud, shouldn’t the Democrats leadership do their best to openly disprove this allegation and allow Biden to escape the shadow of a thief as fair president-elect, rather than busily forming cabinet transition, pretending not to hear the pending fraud allegations, rushing to finalize the election prematurely?

If this U.S. election is not rigged, then in the face of allegations of fraud, shouldn’t the judges of all levels have a moral role to restore the confidence of the American people in the election by accepting every case, allowing plaintiffs, defendants and evidence show in court; exhibit the facts in the open to prove Biden as a fair president-elect, rather than as now for various reasons keeping evidence out of the court and rumors fill the streets?

If this U.S. election is not rigged, shouldn’t the mainstream American media, which has the world’s best investigative reporters, investigate testimony of every witness and tell the public as it is?  What exactly do they see? Why are they disinformation? For whom? Does the media convince the public this election is fair and everything is legal and compliant, rather than the current collective silence, pretending they have never heard of fraud?

If this U.S. election is not rigged, shouldn’t the state governments, on the face of a large number of questionable postal ballots and voting machines, move manpower speedily to perform ballot checks; verify each signature to a real person, allow an impartial third party examine all ballot machines for accuracy, and announce to everyone with irrevocable facts that postal ballots are safe, ballot counting machines are not compromised, instead of issuing all kinds of public office excuses and obstacles, guarding as to death facts that are buried in the dark.  Isn’t what is happening now?

Lastly, if this U.S. election is not rigged, with 75 million actual votes, the highest number of re-election votes in U.S. history, the highest number of re-election vote increase than the first term, and the highest minority votes, how can President Trump lose to Biden, who has had no accomplishments in 47 years in politics?  And most importantly, how can the total of Trump’s and Biden’s vote (156 million) exceed the actual number of votes cast (about 140 million) in the U.S. election by more than 10 million?

Please ponder these issues for everyone who still does not believe in election fraud.

Source: World Finance Digest
Author: Xuan De Temple:

Translator: ChinaDoll6420

Link: https://caochangqing.com/gb/newsdisp.php?News_ID=4219

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10 days ago

I wish to take down the CCP more than anything, but I don’t think the election was rigged – Biden has won fair and square – the supreme court has thrown out all lawsuits – we need to move on. It is not up to the Democrats to disprove the election not being rigged, rather, it is for the Republicans to prove it is rigged… until then, we must move on



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