How a CCP’s mouthpiece insinuate the CCP

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Following the invasion of the Capital Hill this Jan 6, Wang Wen, the executive dean of Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies, Renmin University of China, published an extensive commentary report on the present situation in the US.

At a glance, this report criticizes the downfall of the US democratic system, but when you look into it, you will sense a certain kind of self-mockery and even some insinuation of the CCP itself.

The US is not homogeneous, what about the CCP?

At the beginning of his article, he advised the Chinese readers to quit thinking the US as a perfect country or a country that is good for nothing as America is not simple homogeneous entity which can be understood through a few simple words.

According to Wikipedia, a homogeneous material has the same properties at every point; it is uniform without irregularities.

I completely agree with the word “homogeneous” is extremely inappropriate here to be used to define a country like America, where difference voices and opinions are contained. By contrast, when we look back on China, where no one is allowed to express themselves, and anyone that tries to tell the truth is punished and suppressed. Under the dictatorship of the CCP, China is seemingly most qualified as a homogeneous country.

What does the Chinese netizens think of US?

Sadly enough, this just-passed US Election bears a lot of heated discussion from netizens living in China, a country whose people never sniffed a tiny bit of what a democratic election is like.

Wang Wen mentioned in his article that some of the most representative scholars in China ridicule this US Election, by saying things like “Why can’t America have two President at the same time?” and “Why can’t the US be divided into two nations, one is called USA and the other can be named USB?”

If Chinese people dares to raise these same questions against the CCP, which is supposed to be their “rightful” and “legitimate“ representative, I can confidently say that he/she will be disappeared by the CCP soon enough.

The author himself has faith in the American System

Wang Wen, later in his article, compared the current popular “The US Collapse” theory to the“China Collapse” ttheory that prevailed in the US 20 years ago. He believed that, 20 years ago, the US managed to have scientifically demonstrated the argumentations which could lead to the collapse of China, while he could not find any evident researches that backs the collapse of the US.

The author then added that he believes the US will not collapse in the near future, and most Chinese people still have faith in the US as it is a heterogeneous country.

Ironically, the author, a CCP’s mouthpiece, personally stated in his own article that he has faith in the US’s heterogeneous system which incongruously contradicts to the one he supposedly lives under and believes, which is the CCP’s homogeneous system.


Throughout the entire context of his article, Wang Wen paradoxically criticized and praised the US system. He ended his article by saying that China should also be enlightened by the dilemma the US is currently in.

“No system lasts eternally. Without revolutions, any systems is bound for blight and deterioration”, said the author. Is Wang hinting at something? I personally sensed a strong insinuation in it.

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