Can China’s agricultural sector feed its people?

Wen Tiejun, the dean of the agriculture institute in the University of the People, expressed his concerns over the dilemmas that is currently facing China’s agriculture in an article published on Jan 11, following China’s signing of The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership [RCEP].

He stated that the current globalization is at stake and the global supply chain might fracture at any minute. Given the pandemic that is currently sweeping across the globe, China is seemingly due for a major transform. 

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China’s agriculture is in a serious trouble

Firstly, in China, one mu of farmland only yields less than 2000 rmb (roughly 300 USD) of profit, and the farm output is difficult to maintain due to seasonal changes throughout a year.

Secondly, over the span of the past couple decades, the CCP had industrialized and urbanized vast amount of already inadequate agricultural land in the chase for quick cash. 

Thirdly, skyrocketing land prices and cost of agricultural labours further hammered down on China’s agricultural confidence.  

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What awaits China after RCEP

Wen also mentioned in his article about the Impact that RCEP poses to China is manyfold:

  1. The incomparable industrial advantages Australia holds against China. Australia owns highly industrialised agriculture that endows it with the capability of mass-production and pricing power.
  2. Agriculture in countries like Thai, Vietnam and Laos is barely industrialised. These countries produce excessively amount of rice, which makes their rice price is far more competitive than the price in China.
  3. Without tariff protection, China’s domestic agriculture is in no place to compete with other RCEP members.


Without a deep reform of China’s industrial structure, the downfall of China’s agriculture will be anther devastating blow to the CCP. Food security of the people living in China is at heightened risk as China continues its aggressive behavior internationally, despite the country depending heavily on food imports.

The CCP had made itself enough enemies in the world with the CCP virus and countless crimes it committed to the Western democracy. Can it afford to literally infuriate the innocent and diligent Chinese people by depriving them of the capability to feed themselves?

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