【Focus】Can President Trump Recreate The “Miracle of Dunkirk”?

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Image source: Encyclopedia Britannica

The global warfare against Communist China seemed to be gravely overshadowed as we entered 2021.  On January 6, the House of U.S. Congress and Senate certified Biden as president-elect as part of legal formality, and the CCP leader Xi (known as the General Accelerator) held a full-day celebration in Beijing on the following day.  At a time of perplexity, Lude Media reminded us about one of the most extraordinary battles that took place in Europe during World War II, the Great Retreat of Dunkirk, a “mission impossible” accomplished by mankind. This remarkable chapter in warfare history will no doubt enlight and transform the mindsets of the fellow fighters of the Whistleblowers’ Movement and enable us to view our mission from a higher perspective.

On May 10, 1940, when German Guderian’s armored cavalry circumvented the Maginot Line and pushed through the Ardennes Forest mountains on the Belgian-Luxembourg border to the rear flank the British and French lines, the British and French forces retreated westward to avoid being caught in the crossfire.  At this time, 400,000 British and French allied troops were surrounded by German armored forces on three sides, and being cornered in southern France near the Belgian border at Dunkirk; the allied forces were in danger.  However, in the end, the British and French forces miraculously withdrew from Dunkirk to the British mainland in just nine days from May 26.  Although the Allied forces lost almost all of their equipment and munitions, the rescued soldiers would later play a vital role in a series of strategic counterattacks, laying the foundation for the eventual success of the allied armies in defeating the Nazi Germany. The British people called it the “Miracle of Dunkirk.”

1. Prime Minister Churchill delivered a speech

In a speech to the House of Commons on May 13, 1940, Churchill admitted that the worst possibilities had now arrived, but that nothing that happened in France would affect the British Empire’s determination to fight on.

The Battle of Britain is about to begin, and the battle is about the survival of Christian civilization. If we fail, then the whole world, including America, including everything we know and care about, will sink into the abyss of a new dark age.  Therefore, let us defend our duty and take up our responsibility.

The war speech of Prime Minister Churchill in 1940 has more relevance today than ever.  When the CCP virus became a global pandemic, the world’s mainstream media was filled with all the talking points of the “The Great Reset”, to which Archbishop Vigano commented in an interview with Mr. Bannon that the Great Reset is a series of evil means taken by the cabal (the Deep State, Deep Church) in order to achieve their ultimate goal of the “New World Order,” including the use of the CCP’s biochemical virus to destroy the economic and political system worldwide and to reduce the global population, and also other anti-human means to restrict the rights of individuals in order to form a unified and centralized socialist government ruled by the very top of the human pyramid.  History is strikingly similar to our current battle as the survival of a 2,000-year-old Christian civilization is at stake.  The U.S. election is no longer just an American matter but a battle between good and evil, and President Trump represents a righteous global force in the fight to defeat the forces of evil inherent in the globalists’ Great Reset.

2, King George VI launched the National Day of Prayer

Photo credit: CANONJ.JOHN

When the British Expeditionary Force was in danger of being defeated as the entire troop was trapped at Dunkirk, King George VI made a radio broadcast to his people on May 24, 1940: “Let us dedicate our cause to God with one heart and one mind, humbly and confidently, and seek his help so that we may valiantly defend the right given to us to see it through. “ King Extra called for a national day of prayer to be held on May 26. “We must pray, and next Sunday, I call for a National Day of Prayer.”

The king called on the British people to return to God in a spirit of repentance and pray for divine help. On May 26, millions of people in the British Isles flocked to churches to pray together and seek deliverance in a way that nothing like it had ever been seen before in British history, or indeed in any country, with people queuing to get into churches pleading for help.

The result was astounding.  Three miracles then happened within that time frame: on May 24, Hitler stopped his general advance, ordered the panzers to rest and the Luftwaffe to launch the bombing instead; next a violent storm occurred in the Dunkirk area and grounded the German Air Force; and a rare calm settled over the English Channel for several days until 28th May, but the sky was still drizzly and foggy, and visibility was low which enabled the British army to be quickly evacuated from Dunkirk.

This scene is familiar, even President Trump had won this election by a landslide for his overwhelming popularity amongst the American people, his 2020 presidential win was stolen by the crooked Joe Biden as a result of massive election fraud, conducted and continually covered up by the Democratic Party’s lefties and the Republican Party’s establishment jointly.  Amid the American people’s will being crushed and feeling broken, Lawyer Linwood appealed to the public on Parler, calling everyone to pray for our President Trump, and many popular social media personalities voiced the same through their twitters.

Even though we are merely observers to this U.S. election, Mr. Miles Guo made it clear from day one that we, the New Federal State of China, shall support whoever is willing to take down the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).  President Trump is our fellow fighter who is determined to eradicate the CCP.  So whilst we are endeavour to spread the truth to the American people and to the entire world through various media platforms, all the fellow fighters of the New Federal of China are also calling for prayers: pray for Trump, pray for all godly forces of justice around the world, and let our voices to be heard in heaven.  As we continue to pray in faith, our prayers will find an echo!

Heaven can definitely hear the collective voices of the people because history is made up of countless coincidences.  When the Battle of Midway, often called “the turning point of the Pacific”, was fought on June 4, 1942, the brief hesitation of Admiral Tadanori Nagumo, the commander of the Japanese Combined Fleet, had in fact attributed to the miracle of the U.S. Navy’s triumph of “the weak over the strong”.  This decisive victory ended the threat of further Japanese invasion in the Pacific and marked the turning point of the Pacific War.  Who can say that God is not favoring the United States?

3、National mobilization

Photo credit: World of Warships

The British government mobilized the whole nation to assist in evacuating troops from Dunkirk. The air force was mustered to escort the ships over the English Channel and fought fierceful battles with the Luftwaffe; the navy enlisted many civilian ships to participate in the rescue. As Dunkirk harbor’s waters were too shallow for large ships to approach, the soldiers had to wait for hours in shoulder-deep water before swimming to the big ships. At this time, the famous “Dunkirk boats” appeared; some 850 private boats, consisting of civilians and naval personnel or volunteers, crossed the English Channel between May 26 and June 4, 1940, to participate in the rescue operation. These “little ships” were responsible for transporting the stranded soldiers from the beaches and ports to the larger warships. “With German U-boats underwater, German bombers in the air, mines on the surface, and wind and waves, the Dunkirk boat could have been a voyage of no return, but the British people all bravely took part in this rescue effort.

In this way, to recreate the “Miracle of Dunkirk”, the perfection in timing and the location are indispensable.  This may seem to be a myriad of coincidences, but in fact, God wa intervene for the just cause of mankind.  Because of the successful retreat from Dunkirk, British Expeditionary Force was largely preserved, and thereafter the accomplishments of the famous British WWII Generals such as Montgomery and Alexander.   Whereas, if the British had lost their entire troop at Dunkirk, it would have been a devastating blow to the British public’s state of mind, and the war cabinet headed by Churchill would probably have to step down. Lord Halifax, Britain’s Foreign Secretary at the time who was keen to make terms with Nazi Germany, would most likely be the successor.  Had British and German formed an alliance, then the history of “World War II” will be rewritten.

The battle of Dunkirk proved to the world that even in the darkest hours, when all the people across Britain devoted themselves in the fight, with the final touch of divine power granted by God, they together as a nation surpassed the challenge and achieved the “Miracle of Dunkirk”.   Today, humanity rises to the same challenge as President Trump is confronting with the failed efforts to overturn the election fraud.  Yet, the support from the people has never been higher, and the truth and justice are also on President Trump’s side.  All it seems to require now is a “divine-timing”, such as an occurrence of an international contingency, a guilty plea or a court conviction.  It is no coincidence that President Trump is the Chosen One.  With less than 10 days away from the US Presidential Inauguration on January 20, can President Trump recreate the “Miracle of Dunkirk”?  We shall wait and see.

(The above views represent the author’s personal opinion only)

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