Miles and the Witshleblower Movement Have Told You Many Things Long Ago!

In January 11, 2021 Getter video, Mr. Miles Guo listed many things that he had said in the Witshleblower Movement and been proven to be true over time, including Secretary Pompeo’s recent action on high ranking officials visiting Taiwan. He also gave advise to the CCP’s police officers: “whoever raises the gun an inch higher will get huge help and special pardon from the Western countries, or get special benefits from our G-series.”

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Please remember, brothers and sisters, you need to know what’s the most central thing here. A mere 20 days ago, who talked about Secretary Pompeo’s action on high ranking officials visiting Taiwan? I said this, I said this more than five times a year ago. Regarding the legislation and protection of Tibet and Hong Kong, including the visa and travel to the US for Hong Kongers, I said it and our Whistleblower Movement said it. Also, regarding the sanction of all the CCP’s state-owned corporates and all other state-owned corporates, I said this two or three years ago. Now there is only one thing left – the financial institutions. In fact, they haven’t completely decoupled [with the US] yet, but are basically in the middle of decoupling. Our Whistleblower Movement and Lude Media were the first to say this.    


I told you that Bitcoin will not be good, WeChat will definitely be over, Zoom will definitely be over, as well as TikTok. What else I told you is that the firewall will definitely be down. Let me tell you again, whoever raises the gun an inch higher will get huge help and special pardon from the Western countries, or get special benefits from our G-series.

我告诉你们的比特币不会好,我告诉你微信一定完蛋,我告诉你们 Zoom 一定完蛋,我告诉你们抖音一定完蛋,我再告诉大家的事情是防火墙一定完蛋。我再告诉你们的,凡是对战友们枪口抬高一寸的,都会得到巨大的西方的照顾或者特赦,或者我们G系列给的特殊利益。

Anyone who treats our fellow fighters… Look at the three trials in Liaoning. The judge and prosecutor, who once went easy on Li You and framed Pangu, have all been arrested, their family have all been arrested and eliminated by the CCP. Two deputy provincial governors have been arrested and their families have all been eliminated. The nephew [of one of them] now is our fellow fighter. I’ve saved face for his nephew sufficiently and did not announce this earlier. Did you see that? It doesn’t matter whether you are Guoqiang Liu or Ruoqiang Liu, whether you are Pengming Zhang from the Court of West City in Dalian or you are Penghei Zhang. None of those who have framed Pangu and our Whistleblower Movement will come to a good end.      


I am not fantasying or bragging. I have proven things to you the past three years, such as Lijun Sun, Jianzhu Meng, Qishan Wang, and their Jun Guan and Chengjie Liu, right? Did anyone come to a good end? I am telling you again, brothers and sisters. I’ve proven to you with 30 years of my time. 


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