Highlights of Lude Media (Morning)-Jan 12, 2021

Himalaya Toronto Maple Leaf, Jojo

• Today, there is completely no news on Xi Jinping or his new instructions. Only China Central Television reported yesterday’s news all over again, without publishing any photos of Xi.

o According to Mr. Lu De’s sources, Xi has launched an investigation into the incident of Xinhua News pictures yesterday.

a. Xi’s official photographers (Ju Peng and Wang Hua) and their WeChat contacts, nearly 1000 people were questioned and investigated by the Ministry of Public Security.

b. At Xinhua’s investigation meeting, Ju Peng and Wang Hua claimed they were innocent, and it was hackers from the U.S. who had tampered with the parameters of the images.

c. Lu De Media’s shows are now receiving constant attention from the No. 1 Chinese newspaper shows that the Whistleblower Movement poses a huge threat to the CCP.

• Mr. Lu De hints that Xi’s body double currently may live at West Chateau in Beijing.

• The central political and legal work conference was held in Beijing from January 9 to 10. Wang Chunning, commander of the Chinese People’s Armed Police Force, attended the meeting, which was reportedly the first public appearance in 2021.

o In January 2020, Wang replaced Wang Ning as a commander of the Beijing Garrison. But in July 2020, Xi appointed Fu Wenhua as the new commander. They are all considered close associates of Xi. Beijing Garrison is Xi’s Imperial Army, and such short-term staff changes suggest Xi’s insecurity.

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