War Room: Pandemic EP 649 Summary

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  • Author: Jenny Ball

Gab is the site stand up to big tech, Apple and Google for freedom speech.

Today the failed attempt at a coup bought on 25th amendment is a push from Nancy Pelosi. She is trying to usurp more power there, as always, as the tyrannical democrats do. – Boris

Jason Miller, Trump campaign strategist and War Room co-host:

Because their goal is to try to hurt President Trump from coming back in 2024. They know that he is still the most popular national republican that’s out there. Strong unwavering support base.

Raheem Kassam: It’s also about pulling out the rug from the President of the United States as the eminence grease of the modern movement.

Boris Epshteyn, Member of Trump 2020 Advisory Board: they’re going to move to impeachment bypassing the judiciary committees, bypassing the process that impeachment is supposed to follow because they don’t want Jim Jordan, Andy Biggs and others to be able to go out there and actually present evidence for why the President was completely in his right to lay out these facts about voter fraud we’ve been talking about for over two months now since November 3rd. The democrats don’t want the American people to hear those facts. They want to continue silencing republicans, silencing conservatives.

Any mention of election fraud or voter products should be made illegal. That is what the liberals are driving toward. They are trying to get 1984 style. I was a kid in Soviet Union, I remember what it was like not to be able to truly say what you feel. I was afraid to tell my friend that I was Jewish because there was an antisemitic. That type of censorship, that type of dystopia of tyranny is what the democrats are trying to descend onto America.

I am not being hyperbolic here, Twitter takes off the President of the United States of America while keeping the Ayatollah of Iran on its platform, while keeping the CCP on its platform. That is what we’re facing in America.

Let’s Fight back against the censorship,
        Fight back against the silencing,
and use facts to do so:

  •  talk about the over 200,000 unlawful votes in Wisconsin;
  •  talk about over 400,000 votes in Georgia;
  •  talk about Pennsylvania 700,000 mail and absentee ballots that were not observed just in Allegheny county.

Ken Paxton, Texas Attorney General: We are a freedom of economic, freedom of free markets competition. Some of these Tech companies like Google, which have overstepped nowadays trading competition, very unfairly shutting down other companies and creating a monopoly on Internet advertising. You can’t let that happen. So we’re just in the beginning stages of figuring out what we need to do, what we can do through the legal system. 

Bannon: Where do you think we stand and even questioning what happened in this election was accused of Treason?

AG Paxton: our lawsuit was pretty simple, it was basically saying that these states didn’t follow state law. They didn’t follow YS constitution. Unfortunately the court decided they weren’t going to hear. So I think that’s a huge mistake.

For Joe Biden to have legitimacy, the American people have to believe that he was elected the right way and so many Americans are concerned. If I were Joe Biden I would put together a commission and I would study this so that in future elections, we have more credibility.

This is the election at least in my lifetime that has created the most questions about whether they were legitimate. 

Absolutely the constitution under the first amendment, we can question until we’re blue in the face and nothing bad should happen to us. That doesn’t seem to be the direction we’re going and pretty scared. It is not insurrection to raise these questions, and it is not treason, it would be in China but it shouldn’t be in the United States.

I think we’ve got two things to deal with:

  • We’ve got to figure out some way to go to these states that had issues. We fought 5 lawsuits of absentee ballots and won every single one of them because we had to. Had we not done that we would have fallen into the camp of being like Georgia and Wisconsin.
  • We have to hold them accountable for basically ruining free speech in this country because they have in some cases a monopoly on how speech is done and we can’t allow that to happen if we’re going to remain a free and open society.

Jack Posobiec joins the show to discuss the inaction of Democrat AGs during the Antifa and BLM riot in summer 2020, which caused 2 billion dollars damage across the country. It was a conservative estimate according to insurance firm. 100 death including 8-y-o boy and Police officer David Dorn.

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