The Uncanny Similarity Between “The Capitol Riot” and the Hong Kong Protest

Author: 藝術小哥(Alibro)
Proofreader: Sarathecat

Image Source: Politico

It seems that the fiasco of the U.S. presidential election is coming to an end. For those who are attentive to the facts, it is hard to ignore the blatant voting fraud conducted by Trump’s opponents, to the extent of the U.S. constitution being trashed. This magnitude of injustice is unprecedented in the U.S. history.

After the election, the immediate question is whether or not Americans will continue to have faith in the system of justice after witnessing all the acts of lying, framing, fabricating getting away without punishment. But the more fundamental question is the why. Why has the legacy of the American founding fathers of law and order been degraded to this point of chaos? This is too big a question but I would like to bring in a factor for the discussion: the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). 

As a Chinese who had lived through the manipulation of the authoritative regime, I strongly believe the CCP is the executive director behind most of the election frauds, based on logic and the CCP’s cunning behavioural patterns. I am writing a series of short articles to connect the dots for the Western audience to reveal the CCP’s attack in America. These articles are based on my experience with the CCP regime, my observation and logic, and the information I got from the New Federal State of China (NFSC) and the Whistleblower Movement (WM). 

I would like to start by talking about the “rioters” storming the U.S. Capitol on January 06 2021. There are some suspicious details of the “riot” pointing towards a setup against Trump and his supporters who breached the security and got into the Capitol building. I believe the setup was masterminded by the CCP plotters. Let me outline the uncanny resemblance between this tragic incident and the crackdown of the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong in 2019 and 2020.

The peaceful Trump supporters and MAGA members were labelled as rioters by the anti-Trump politicians. The big crowd gathering on the street of Washington to pressure the Congress were peaceful demonstrators. These people have seldom engaged in violence since day one they came out to support Trump in 2016. However, violence broke out at the very last minute, causing four deaths. The whole incident was very fishy. Based on the video, the police seemed to intentionally allow the crowd to get into the building. Also, some Antifa members disguised as Trump supporters were recognized in the building when the violence took place. Without any investigation, Nancy Pelosi immediately accused Trump of inciting violence and wanted an impeachment, not respecting the fact that Trump asked the crowd to march to the Congress “peacefully” during his speech prior to the incident.

On the streets of Hong Kong from 2019 and 2020, the student protesters staged a massive protest against the Hong Kong government’s proposed Extradition Law. The students were desperate. They regard the fight as the last stand for Hong Kong democracy against the repressing totalitarian regime of the CCP. During the lengthy year-long protest, the protesters demonstrated great constraint in a non-violent way, holding umbrellas, wearing masks, singing songs, and waving candles at night.

The movement picked up momentum after getting sympathy from the international community. At that point, the CCP quickly stepped in to take over the situation from the puppet Hong Kong government. What the CCP did immediately was to plot against the protesters. They recruited hooligans and plain-clothes Hong Kong police and have them wearing black disguises as the protesters. They blended in and walked with the crowd of protesters. They waited until the tension was high when the crowd was confronting with thepolice. They suddenly turned violent. They smashed the windows of street businesses, tore down police barricades and even broke into the government office buildings. In the meantime, the CCP sent in another group of agents to take pictures of the staged violence, and sent those images to the media. All of the sudden, these images were circulating on New York Times, CNN, BBC, Associated Press, Reuters, etc. Immediately, the CCP’s spokesperson righteously denounced the act of violence, and called the peaceful protesters the “rioters.” Soon after that, the CCP gave an order to the Hong Kong police to use violence against the students. The young students reacted with fearlessness. The CCP up the ante by sending in the CCP’s armed police to Hong Kong. They put on the uniform of Hong Kong police, but they were much worse than the Hong Kong police. They brutally assaulted the student protesters on the street and in the subway, arresting, raping, and killing the students victims.

The similarity between the January 06 incident in the Capitol and the Hong Kong protest have a lot in common. For the Chinese people who lived through the communist regime, it was quite obvious to notice that plotting of the Capitol incident is ghostly similar to the CCP’s behavioural pattern. The CCP has been using the same tactic numerously throughout its history. They got away with it almost always. For instance, in the China’s civil war from 1947 to 1949, the CCP defamed their political opponent KMT and won the support of the Chinese people, and stole the government of China until now. In 1989, they burnt some soldiers on the streets in Beijing and scapegoated the pro-democracy student protests, and resulted in the infamous bloody crackdown, known as the 1989 Tiananmen Massacre.

Please take note that the CCP is most capable of fabricating truth, and they are very manipulative in controlling the media. Soon after the Capitol incident, Trump’s team and the many Americans were silenced by the mainstream and social media. This was unprecedented in American history of free speech. Many people were stunned. We believe this authoritarian style of censorship has suggested the CCP’s directing behind the plot. If you connect the dots, it is not hard to point at the CCP as the culprit of the chaos in American right now.

With the CCP in control, truth is very difficult to be known. In Hong Kong, despite a tons of images and netizen video footages showing the injustice of Hong Kong police, and the plain-cloth police sabotaging the peaceful protest, the majority of the people in the West are still being misled by the CCP and failing to realize the good Hong Kong protesters versus the evil CCP regimes. In the same fashion, despite tons of evidence of voting fraud collected by Rudy Giuliani’s team, the truth was not yet accepted by many people of the world. With the corruption in the court and many level of politics, as well as and distortion of facts by the mainstream media, the Americans who support the justice and truth championed by the president Trump find themselves being alienated by the world that is controlled by lies.

(The article only represents the author’s opinion)

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14 days ago

Yes! It seems a staged riot. I just watched this video explaining the similarities to 2019 Hong Kong students protest:

14 days ago
Reply to  Mary

The tactic is similar to divert the attention of the stop the steal request by we the people & frame up the peaceful protestors, many people think.



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