1/7/2021 Miles Guo: D.C. on January 6 Was Turned Into Last Year’s Hong Kong

D.C. on January 6 was turned into last year’s Hong Kong, where MAGA was used and framed; those 74 to 84 million Americans in MAGA won’t give up; it’s really difficult for President Trump, as a businessman, to deal with professional politicians in D.C. who have the characteristics of turning black into whit

By: 【秘密翻译组 G-Translators】

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11 days ago

No disrespect intended Mr. Guo, but you underestimate our President. Also. There was no violence perpetrated by MAGA!! One girl was shot by law enforcement. She was unarmed. The other 4 were accidents and 1 stroke. If it were done by MAGA, they would have gladly reported exact violence done by MAGA supporter. I have been following you for a couple of years now. You taught me everything I know about CCP. CCP Playing checkers, President Trump is playing 4d chess. I’m not going to give away what is going to happen, because traitors could be reading. But all events… Read more »


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