Highlights of Lude Media (Night)-Jan 11, 2021

Himalaya Toronto Maple Leaf, Jojo

• Some of our Whistleblower Movement (WM) warriors noted that the photos of Xi Jinping delivering a speech at the opening ceremony of a special seminar for leading cadres at the provincial and ministerial levels, shown in a Jan. 11 Xinhua News, was taken initially on Oct. 10, 2020.

o Xinhua News Agency made several changes to the picture images’ parameters during the time Lu De Media is live. And our WM warriors have recorded the whole process of their data tampering.

o Mr. Lu De repeats that our WM warriors within the Chinese Communist Party ( CCP) have already confirmed this is fake news.

o This news has made various party forces certain that something is definitely wrong with Xi’s health.

• Communist China has claimed Beijing would deploy warplanes over Taiwan if U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo were to pay an 11th-hour visit to that country.

o Mr. Lu De and the guests laugh at the news and question the capability of their warplanes to approach the Taiwan border.

o Mr. Lu De is confident that Secretary Pompeo will soon visit Taiwan.

• Secretary Pompeo pressed the Voice of America (VOA) to be less critical of the U.S. and warned it does not become “the place to give authoritarian regimes in Beijing or Tehran a platform.”

o VOA is a U.S. government-funded multimedia news source, and the official external broadcasting institution of the U.S. And VOA radio and television broadcasts are distributed by satellite, cable, and on FM, AM, and shortwave radio frequencies, so the big tech companies are unable to manipulate it.

o Mr. Lu De pointed out that with President Trump banned from the media and social media, Secretary of State Pompeo is helping him take back the VOA platform.

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